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Sansisco D15 Mini Quadcopter Review


Are you looking for a special drone for beginner pilots or a special drone for children, fun, and trials? Sansisco D15 Mini Quadcopter is a very good mini drone for children, and not only, but it is also perfect for beginners who want a drone to learn to use and later in the future to switch to another specialist drone, so if you find out in this case, and not only, I recommend you read the review to the end and you will not be sorry. 

About the Sansisco D15 Mini Drone

   It is a super drone, even a great toy for both children and beginners, but obviously, it can be used by an experienced pilot. Given that, at first, you probably do not know how to fly it so well, and this drone is made especially for such a thing, if it loses its balance and falls being piloted by a beginner, you are very lucky not to break, this is a very strong drone, and this makes it very special. I definitely think that this drone is good and at the same time I would recommend this mini drone to all those who need a flying device at a good price, being free from the fear of the risks they might take while flying.


  This Sansisco D15 Mini Drone Quadcopter is a drone with 4D flexible heads, headless mode, has 3-speed adjustment and take-off, landing with just one key. It has 16 LED lights to provide more illumination when it is darker. It has two cameras that can take 360-degree videos or even take still photos. The USB charging port allows it to fly for about 10 minutes each time it is charged, but when it is fully charged it takes about 15 minutes. You have certainly realized that this drone is perfect for beginners, being at a super good price. 

Camera quality

  The mini-drone has a 1080 HD camera. It will take really decent-quality photos and videos from the air while flying.

  This drone has FPV enabled, so you can see what the drone sees. You need to download the application that the drone has to be able to use the FPV, the radius being 50 meters. The smartphone connects to the drone only via the drone’s WiFi. 


  What makes t easy to pack, store and travel with this drone is that is foldable and small. The arms fold so that they do not confuse at all. A small disadvantage is that the propeller blades do not fold and do not come in a more divided design than the other more expensive drones. When the drone is folded, it measures 4.4 by 1.89 by 1.77 inches, and when unfolded for flight, it measures 6.73 by 5.59 by 1.77 inches.

360-degree flips

You can make the drone make some really fun reversals in all directions by doing a mini show. Just with a simple touch of the joystick, you can make amazing twists and stunts with this plane being a fun trick to amaze children.

Gravity sensor

By activating the sensor mode, you can fly the drone left, right, down, up just by moving or waving the phone in that direction, which is amazing and very fun.

Purchase of the drone

  The Sansisco D15 Mini Drone Quadcopter is very affordable. But when you buy a drone you must know that no money is small when you buy a drone. For that money, you will get enough positions, obviously. 

It can be bought on Amazon at a very good price. But, the safest thing is that before buying a drone, check the features it has. As with any drone, you have to be careful, because it has very sensitive controls and a moment of inattention or an accidental touch can make the drone take it in another direction or even hit things around it. So, obviously, you can have to be very careful when you fly, so as not to make mistakes.

Review on the Amazon

  Most people left a very good review of this mini drone, and the product was rated mostly at 5 stars. Most buyers bought this drone for children but also for them and for learning.

Here are some questions asked by people who would like to buy but have not yet found the answers to some questions, so here are some of them:

What software version does this mini drone support?

This mini drone is compatible with smartphones with Android 5.0 or above or IOS 9.0 or above.

How to connect the drone to the App on the phone?

Firstly, turn on the drone. Next, go to the ‘‘Settings’’ of your mobile device. Then turn on WiFi and connect to the WiFi of the drone Sansisco D15, and finally, open the app and you would see the live video of the drone camera, now you can start your flight.

How high can it fly?

In the manual, you find in the drone box it says that the range is 131 ft (40 meters).


The Sansisco D15 mini drone is perfect for children and beginners, being a very interesting and fun toy, at a very good price, which children will surely enjoy, children of all ages and even beginner adults. Battery life is impressive so the drone will fly longer and longer before it needs to be charged.

Price-performance ratio
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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sansisco-d15-mini-quadcopter-review Are you looking for a special drone for beginner pilots or a special drone for children, fun, and trials? Sansisco D15 Mini Quadcopter is a very good mini drone for children, and not only, but it is also perfect for beginners who want a...


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