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Cheap FPV Goggles For Beginners

cheap FPV Goggles for beginners

Cheap FPV Goggles For Beginners

FPV, or First Person View, goggles used to be something intangible when they first appeared. Especially because of their high price. Therefore, they were used only by professional drone racers, who had some great support and sponsorship behind them. Yes, you read that right, drone racers. This is actually a recognized, professional sport, even with a professional drone racing league, but also a very costly one. The FPV goggles put you in the ”pilot’s cockpit” and turn a drone into a thrilling experience. Now that technology has advanced, the drone world has welcomed more people, including children, so you can also find cheap FPV goggles for beginners, therefore even the amateurs now have the opportunity to test the limits of a drone.

If you are interested in such goggles, we have put together a list of the most affordable ones that will also deliver some great quality.

Eachine VR-007

These cheap FPV goggles even have the respect of the drone racers mentioned earlier. Even though they sell at the budget entry-level, they offer the experience of high-end ones, without any sweat. The first thing that will blow your mind as soon as you put them on is the incredibly clear HD image. Not only this, but the stock antenna also creates a great signal that will even pass through walls. The materials used are also high quality, something you wouldn’t expect from such cheap goggles.

Eachine VR-007 googles White Background 3 googles captured from different angles

The controls are user-friendly, while the 1600 mah smart battery is good enough, but depending on your preferences, you might want to buy another one with a higher capacity. For example, if you plan to use the goggles for multiple flights and without any breaks, it is less likely that the stock battery will be able to keep up with such a rhythm.

The eyeglass is customized, so you will not need your glasses, as the myopia is below 400 degrees. The strap is comfortable and the goggles themselves are soft, have good ventilation and they fit nicely on the face, without letting any outside light in.

Eachine EV100

The first googles we are going to present in our cheap FPV goggles article are the Eachine EV100. Keeping it in the Eachine family, we have another model that is also inexpensive and great for beginners because of its functionality and easy way to carry. Their receiver is able to find 72 channels, but the battery is smaller than the previous, of only 1000 mah. Still, it should last through a day of flying. Also, the optics are good enough for the price and have OSD, but not as good as the model mentioned before.


The comfort level is just as good. Thanks to the foam that circles the detachable faceplate and is stuck with Velcro. Making it very easy to replace. Even though they seem big, they don’t weigh more than 220g. The dual antennas can be upgraded, which is quite recommended for the best experience. Even so, it has a good receiver that has an auto-search tool, which will select the best signal reachable. The focal length can be adjusted in order to make the image sharper, which is a great function if you suffer from myopia or hyperopia.

JJPRO F01 64CH 5.8G Full Band VR Headset

The greatest feature of this headset is that it comes with an automatic scan that will pair the transmitter and make it possible for other users to ride along, or watch each other fly. They are nicely built and they give you a robust, quality feeling, but they also fit nicely and snug on the face. The battery takes only about 30 to 60 minutes to fully recharge, but it will last only about an hour, at best. 



The first thing that comes to mind about these goggles is that they are quite lightweight and comfortable to wear. Also, the material used, even for the switches and the exterior parts are good quality. The only design-related issue is that the foam is not present in the nose area. The biggest consequence is that some outside light is able to go in. Even so, the problem is easily solvable, with a bit of adhesive foam. 

Another thing that can be a problem, depending on who uses them, is that the lens isn’t adjustable. Even so, many users claim the fact that somehow, the focal length is just perfect. So, there’s a chance that it wouldn’t be so difficult to use them after all. 

USMILE-5.8G -goggles-white-background.

The screen is good quality, with perfect brightness and bold colors. Something we rarely encounter, actually great stock settings, so you will not need to lose any time for configuration. 

Fat Shark Recon V3

We know that traditionally Fat Shark isn’t recognized for their accessible prices. But this is one of their cheapest models. The display is 4.3-inch and the FOV is 55 degrees. They work best in low interference places, simply because their single antenna isn’t one of the most powerful ones. The resolution is good enough. The feature that got our attention for low-budget goggles is a slot for a memory card. The battery is lithium-ion and can be charged via USB. There is also an on-screen display where you can view the battery level, channels, and RSSI info.


Going back to the under $100 budget, we introduce this pair. Even though doesn’t have the best features you can find, the price to quality report gives you quite the benefit. The look speaks quality, especially if we talk about the ergonomic design. They are light, enclosed, and comfortable and come with an 800×400 WVGA screen. The buttons are strategically placed and they are easy to find. Therefore, making any settings while using them is a piece of cake. The VTX antenna is 5.8 GHz and supports 64 channels. The battery is a 1S, 2000 mAh LiPo, that can charge through a mini-USB port.

Quanum DIY Goggles

The most simple goggles here, are the ones that started the ”low-cost trend” in this domain. Well, they require just a bit of work, as they don’t come with an FPV receiver or a 3S battery: you will need to get them yourself. Even so, they are not hard to acquire and you might even already have the battery, just lying around.


The design consists of a screen, two pieces of foam that fit over it, and a fresnel lens that has the purpose of keeping you focused. There is also a sleeve with straps that fits over the whole thing to keep it together. Doesn’t sound too appealing so far. Trust us when we say that the screen is the one that makes it all worth it: 800×480 pixels. Makes you feel like you’re at the cinema!

This concludes our list of cheap FPV goggles that are the perfect choice for anyone who considers themselves a beginner. The world of competitive drone racing has become much wider. Allowing even more enthusiasts to experience the thrill, especially through the affordable prices. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it, right?

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