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FEGRAD EC20 Quadcopter Review

FEGARD EC20 Quadcopter from above

With so many beginner drone options out there, it can get quite difficult to figure out what model would be the best for you. Well, we have one more model to present to you: the FEGRAD EC20 Quadcopter. This is targeted at adults that want to learn how to fly. It is a small, stable and powerful drone with a good amount of flight functions while also being at a reasonable price. Of course, it does have a few downsides, but nothing that will affect you too much. We put together all of the details below, so make sure to go through the whole article before you make a decision.

Dimensions16 x 10 x 7 cm folded
30 x 30 x 7 cm unfolded
Take off weight265 grams
Image3840 x 2160
Video3840 x 2160
Transmission distance600-800 meters
Control distance1000 meters
Battery2 x 2200mAh Li-Ion
Flight time23 minutes/battery
Charging time100-150 minutes/battery

EC20: Design

Design wise, one of the biggest advantages is the fact that the EC20 is a foldable drone, which makes it highly portable. The size reduces so much that you can even put it in the pocket of your coat if you are not going too far. With a take off weight of 265 grams, you might need to register this drone before you fly it, but make sure that you get well informed about your local regulations.

The EC20 comes with brushless motors, which means that it is able to have a longer, quieter and even more stable flight. Brushless motors come with many benefits, but maybe the biggest one is that they consume less power than brushed motors. Also, the minimal noise helps to not scare any people or animals that might be around.

The body of the drone is made out of high quality plastic material. For better spotting in low light conditions, there are green LED lights that help especially when you are flying the quadcopter 1000 meters away.

EC20: Camera

This quadcopter comes with a 4K camera that is able to capture 4K photos and videos at 25 FPS. The quality of the shots is quite good, especially if there is no wind and good light. It also has a field of view at 120 degrees and the ability to adjust its vertical angle from the remote controller to find the best view possible. FPV simply had to be included, so the distance is up to 800 meters, which is quite decent. To make this possible, the aircraft operates on a 5.8GHz frequency, which is best suited for long-range transmission.

EC20: Batteries and flight time

The EC20 comes with two batteries, 2200mAh each. Together, they will give you up to 46 minutes of flight time, which we consider is even more than enough! But on the other side, if you want more than that, you have the option to order a third battery. The charging time is between 100 and 150 minutes, and something special about these batteries is that they are smart ones. This means you can tell how much voltage remains when the drone is in flight. This helps with landing your EC20 before the batteries fully drain out. They are protected against overcharge, but you should always make sure that you use the designated cable to charge them.

Remote controller

One of the first things you might notice on this remote controller is the fact that it has a foldable smartphone holder, which can fit many devices. Overall, this is a well built remote and therefore it can feel kind of bulky and thick, especially for a child or someone with small hands. Other than this, it is easy to use thanks to its simple user interface and the long and responsive joysticks. Also, a great bonus is the fact that even though it has a simple interface, you have keys available for all of the different functions.

Flight functions

With a high number of flight functions, the EC20 is a great beginner drone and it can be a fun beginning in the world of quadcopters. Here are the functions included:

  • GPS Auto Return
  • Optical Flow
  • Follow Me Mode
  • Circle Mode
  • Waypoint Flight
  • Altitude Hold
  • Headless Mode
  • Speed Adjustment
  • One Key Take off and Landing

Most of them you might be familiar with already. Optical flow will allow you to always see the drone’s position. It also helps the quadcopter improve its flight height and its precision when hovering. The Speed Adjustment basically means that the EC20 has two speed modes: high and low. It is recommended to start on the low one until you get used to the controls, and then advance to the high one.

I would like to know…

How far does it send live videos?

It’s said the drone can deliver smooth and stable live videos far from 600-800M away.

Can this work with a 4G network?

The 5GHz transmission means the radio frequency is used to communicate with your phone. Most phones work with 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz WiFi signals. That is a direct connection between your phone and the drone.

In conclusion, the EC20 does have a few setbacks, but even so, it is a good investment. You might even consider buying it for someone as a gift. You should take into consideration that it best performs when there is no wind, but overall, it takes good footage, offers a good FPV experience and you can have a fun time with it thanks to all of the flight functions. If you decide to invest in something like this, you can find it for a great deal on Amazon.

Price-performance ratio
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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fegrad-ec20-quadcopter-review With so many beginner drone options out there, it can get quite difficult to figure out what model would be the best for you. Well, we have one more model to present to you: the FEGRAD EC20 Quadcopter. This is targeted at adults that...



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