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LOPOM X11-GPS X2 Quadcopter Review


 Do you want a new quality, multifunctional, durable drone? for your job or simply for your own photos and videos but also for fun? Not sure which one to choose and you don’t know much about drones? Well, this article will make you take the best choice when it comes to purchasing a drone. The LOPOM X11-GPS X2 Quadcopter drone is one of the best and have the longer flight time and comes with a very good review. And a lot of information you need to convince you.

About the LOPOM X11 GPS X2 drone

  The LOPOM X11-GPS X2 drone has a double camera for a more complete view of the terrain. When the drone is in the air, with a camera located on the nose 4K UHD. And one on the belly 720P. These two can be switched even from the remote control or from the application. What is interesting about this drone is that it has many flight functions. Obviously, it is improved compared to the previous generation, which certainly makes it more special. 

Features and technical details

  The most important features that we must keep in mind when we want to buy a drone are the next. How good is the drone and its construction, what is the quality of the camera and obviously the battery. But also the remote control that the drone has. 

Design and durability

  This drone comes bundled with its own good quality storage case. This shows us that it can be kept safe when not in use. When storing it, the propeller blades must not be unscrewed, it is enough to remove the guards. 

  A quality ABS material was used for the fuselage. Thus, the quadcopter is both light and durable at the quadcopter is both light and durable at the same time. The ABS material is light, it is very important that it is difficult to break because it is very durable, even when the plane crashes. It is very rare for it to break.  

The weight of the Lopom X11-GPS X2 Quadcopter drone is not displayed, but it will certainly have to be registered with the FAA. Because it exceeds the threshold of 250 grams. The drone is black giving an interesting and simple design at the same time.

High capacity batteries

  The Lopom X11-GPS X2 Quadcopter has two large-capacity batteries for an even longer flight time. Each of the batteries being made to give power for a flight time of 20 minutes for each battery.  You basically have 40 minutes to fly until the next charge. So you shouldn’t think about buying a third battery only if you need a very long flight time. 

  The batteries are 7.4 V 200 mAh and have very good safety features. A very important aspect is that there is protection for overcharging. So as to stop charging as soon as the batteries have been fully charged.

Quality camera

  You can capture the most beautiful moments of your outdoor life in various miraculous places using the 5K nose camera. It has a wide field of view. And so you can see much of the landscape on which the drone flies. 

  With a resolution of 3840 * 2160P, it can be seen that this is a true and quality 4K camera. You can even use different FPS rates for the best videos to meet your requirements and expectations.

Safety first

  In order not to have problems, when the package with the drone is delivered you can do something. The best thing to do is to check it for the first time. So that there are no unpleasant surprises, because there have been such cases before. There have been issues with the drone’s refusal to be calibrated. So, it’s best to check it to report any issues. Even though these things happen very rarely, we need to be careful. 

Because sometimes we also look at the disadvantages of a drone, not just the advantages. For example, some people reported that they did not know which application to download. 

There are many questions about this drone that obviously have answers. 

Can the camera point straight down? – Yes, it is possible. The camera has an adjustable angle of 45 degrees, and the drone is a dual camera. 

It is suitable for beginners? – It is not a big drone, it really is a good size for a beginner. So, if you are a beginner this is perfect for you. 

Can you see with the drone at night? – No, it doesn’t have night vision. But for the moments when flies and it is low light, small LED lights have been mounted. On the back and on the rotor arms. The front arms have some white LEDs while the back ones have purple ones. 

  Certainly, this review made you think better about which drone you want to buy. Given the many advantages it has, this drone is very good for beginners, and not only. It can be purchased on Amazon. And then it can be used anywhere you want to fly with it to capture the most beautiful landscapes. 

Price-performance ratio
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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lopom-x11-gps-x2-quadcopter-review  Do you want a new quality, multifunctional, durable drone? for your job or simply for your own photos and videos but also for fun? Not sure which one to choose and you don’t know much about drones? Well, this article will make you...


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