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AOVO W Pro Quadcopter Review

AOVO W Pro Quadcopter

AOVO W Pro Quadcopter Review

If you are searching for a drone with good specs such as 30 minutes of flight time, 1Km range and a 4K camera, the AOVO W Pro Quadcopter is definitely a good choice for you. 

If you’re tired of DJI drones, there are other options. And one of them is the W Pro from AOVO. It can handle high expectations, thus it’s good for professional purposes as well. 

With its professional camera and intelligent flight features, there’s nothing that can stand between you and awesome aerial footages. If you read this review till the end you will have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of this drone. 


4K photo resolution

30 mins Max Flight Time

90°Adjustable 120°FOV Camera

1000M/3280FT Max Control range

600M/1968FT Max HD Video Transmission

Fast Charging: About 5 hours of charging time(5V=2A)

Easy operation丨Foldable & Flexible丨Level 7 wind resistance

GPS Hold Function: More stable than ANY Other Hold Function Outdoors.

Carrying Case: The well-fitted carrying case makes it easy to take the drone

What’s in the box?

AOVO W Pro drone

11.4V 2500mAH Batteries

Carrying Shell Case


User Manual

USB Cable


4 x Extra Propeller Blades  

Design and build 

This drone is a foldable drone, which is a great new trend in the drone market. This aspect of the drone will let you carry it much easier when you wish to travel with your drone. If you’re transporting a non-foldable drone it will take up more space and also there is a higher chance of breaking its arms. When you fold the drone, it measures 4.5 by 6.9 by 3.1 inches, when you unfold it, it measures 11.2 by 8.8 by 3.1 inches. The drone weight around 520g with the battery, therefore you’ll need to register this drone to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) if you live in the states. 

The drone is built with brushless motors, which are super powerful and effective. And also they are less noisy and require less maintenance. Therefore when considering buying a drone you should always go for a brushless one.

The drones exterior is made out of durable ABS plastic which is light in weight but still strong enough to protect it in a case of a crash. The drone is painted in dark colours with some neon green and blue accessories. Overall the drone looks professional and a bit futuristic, perfect for professional usage. 


This is a simple remote controller, that does his job very well. There are not that many buttons on the controller, only the absolute necessary ones and the joysticks. Also on the controller, you’ll find foldable phone holder which will help you with the FPV. 

The controller works with a 2.GHz frequency, which can give you a range of 1KM. 


When it comes to the battery the AOVO comes with a 2500mAh battery that works with 11.4 Volts. These combined with the brushless motors and the weight of the drone, the drone can fly for around 30 minutes, which is a huge time, considering its competitors on the market. For example, the Skydio 2, which is also considered a good alternative for DJI drones can only fly for 23 minutes in the best conditions. 

AOVO W Pro Quadcopter Battery

Of course, you can buy multiple batteries in order to multiply your flight time. And maybe you will need them because the time to fully charge a single battery is around 5 hours. Unfortunately, there is no fast charging technology yet for these batteries so you’ll have to wait all the 5 hours. So make sure your batteries are always charged. 


The real reason why the AOVO W PRO is a good potential is because of the camera quality. It can take 3840x2160p photos. It can capture colours in nice details. If you record videos you can make them in 4K, which is very high-quality. 

Due to its support technique, the camera’s vertical angle can be adjusted from 0 to 90° remotely. Besides, the lenses on the drone are having a field of view of 120°, so you can capture all your videos and photos in a wide area.

The storage recorded can be stored either on your phone or on an SD card. The last one is better because if you lose connection the footage saved on the device might be glitchy. 

The camera can also provide FPV view so you can see what your camera sees. The maximum range for the FPV is 600 meters. 



The best thing about the drone is that it has a built-in GPS which makes the positioning and all the features more accurate. 

One key takeoff and landing

When you and the drone are ready for flight, you just press this button and it will take off immediately. The same thing applies to landing as well. 

Follow Me Mode

This is a nice intelligent feature, where you set this feature and select the object you wish to be followed. 

Waypoint Flight

For this, you open the map inside the app, and you select a route for the drone.

Point of Interest

You may also know this feature as Orbit mode. You select an object and the drone will in circles around that object.

Intelligent Return to Home

When you’re done with your flight session you just press this button and the drone will fly back to its initial location where it took of. This feature also kicks in automatically when you’re going low on battery or going out of range. This way you won’t lose your drone. 


This drone has very good features that you will enjoy for sure. The 4K camera, 30 minutes of flight time and 1Km range are a great combination together that you will surely enjoy. Especially if you learn how to use the intelligent flight options that will make your piloting sessions easier and your footage more cinematic. 

If you’re interested in buying the AOVO W Pro you can check out its price on Amazon.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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aovo-w-pro-quadcopter-review AOVO W Pro Quadcopter Review If you are searching for a drone with good specs such as 30 minutes of flight time, 1Km range and a 4K camera, the AOVO W Pro Quadcopter is definitely a good choice for you.  If you’re tired of DJI drones,...



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