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In this category you can find the latest news about quadcopters, drones and other multi-rotors. This is the place you want to follow in order to be up to date because we cover everything that is worth writing and reading. Best quadcopter news from around the world.
betafpv cetus pro drone

BetaFPV Cetus Pro Kit brushless FPV Drone

Do you want to see the world from a different perspective and angle? You don’t need to bother to book a plane ticket to...
ZLL SG700 MAX/Pro Quadcopter

ZLL SG700 MAX/Pro: Cheap Brushless Quadcopter

The ZLL SG700 MAX RC is a Cheap Brushless Quadcopter that comes with GPS and an optical flow system that guarantees a reliable and...
FUNSKY ZD6 PRO: Foldable Quadcopter

FUNSKY ZD6 PRO: Foldable Quadcopter

Not so long ago, we’ve seen the Funsky S20 and now we’ll have a chance to take a closer look at the FUNSKY ZD6...


DJI delivered the Mini 2 drone in November 2020, simply a year after the first Mavic Mini. Both weigh under 250g, which makes them...
DJI drone wit controller

Drone not Pairing (Connecting): Why, and How to Fix It

It can be frustrating if your Drone is not Pairing (Connecting). But in this article we will explain why, and How to Fix It....
FlyFox Nano3 drone

FlyFox Nano3 – Long Range FPV drone

FPV drones are getting more and more popular in the drone world. They come in almost any shape and size, with almost the same...
iFlight ProTek35 4S Cinewhoop

iFlight ProTek35 4S Cinewhoop

iFlight just reported another miniature CineWhoop arrangement. While the Protek25 accompanies 2.5″ propellers and can be furnished with an Insta360 GO camera or bare...