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In this category you can find the latest news about quadcopters, drones and other multi-rotors. This is the place you want to follow in order to be up to date because we cover everything that is worth writing and reading. Best quadcopter news from around the world.
AirSelfie 2

AirSelfie 2 Quadcopter

Nowadays probably you've seen a great variety of design in quadcopters. From small to big, from great features to only basic ones,...
JDRC JD-20: Poor Spark

JDRC JD-20: Poor Spark drone

Nowadays you can find in the drone market a lot of replicas. Some are well made some are poorly made. The clones...
25 things that drones can do

25 Things That Drones Can Do

Drones nowadays have a growing popularity. These flying machines are used mainly for entertainment purposes. They are affordable even for average people. Depending on...
Kaifeng KF600 Drone

Kaifeng KF600 Drone

Kaifeng KF600 Drone is the latest quadcopter of the year 2018. If you are a drone enthusiast this article is going to...

JJRC H61 Foldable Drone

We are present in a world full of news, innovations and the presence of technology at every step. The JJRC also offers...

SIMTOO XT-175 Mini Drone

Not only experts can find the right drones for their needs, but also beginners. The new drones are more and more diverse,...

JJRC H62 Splendor Foldable Drone

A foldable drone will always be searched in stores by users who are often out on trips and where any space is...