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Hubsan Ace Pro New Release


We have some good news in the quadcopter industry! Hubsan has decided to make our day better by announcing the release of a new drone. This can mean only one thing: another model to analyze and put to the test! If you want to learn everything about the Hubsan Ace Pro New Release, make sure to stick around. As always, we put together all the best info we can get, in order to keep you as informed as possible. Therefore, it is highly probable that every single detail there is, it is included in this post!

Dimensionsfolded: 118.7 x 172.5 x 73 mm
unfolded: 182 x 176.5 x 73mm
Take off weight543 grams
Maximum horizontal flight speednormal mode: 12 m/s
sports mode: 16 m/s
movie mode: 1 m/s
Flight durationhovering: 33 minutes
slow flight: 35 minutes
Battery3S Li-ion, 3800mAh
Charging time90 minutes
Camera1/2.6 inch CMOS sensor
Remote controller4400mAh battery, 2.5h continuous working time

Ace Pro: Design

One of the first things you might notice about this drone is that it has a similar design to the Mavic Air. This also applies to its folding ability. It can also be compared to the Zino Mini Pro, as they are very similar, but the Ace Pro has a larger, more powerful and stronger body. Considering its high portability, it can be your best partner while travelling or practicing outdoor sports. The overall look is simple, slick and elegant which only adds more to the experience that is the Ace Pro.

Ace Pro: Camera

The camera of this drone has an f/2.2 aperture and can record videos in up to 4K at 30 FPS. You can also shoot videos at 60 FPS if you prefer to do so, but then you must drop the resolution to 1080p. Additionally, all resolutions and framerates can rely on a three-axis gimbal to minimize image blur. The Ace Pro also has a 3 axis stable gimbal, which guarantees stable aerial images, even during high speed flight.

Thanks to SyncLeas 3.0, the Ace Pro can live stream videos from 10 km away. This system also upgrades the adaptive spectrum sensing function, as the intelligent frequency modulation algorithm effectively avoids interference frequency points, and the channel coding algorithm adopts the LDPC code used in deep space communication, which has super error correction capabilities. Overall, whether you are in the city or in the wilderness, you can happily enjoy the functions of your drone, without any interruptions.

Flight functions

The Ace Pro has a maximum speed of 16m/s, which is amazing. It is able to do so thanks to the third generation self developed flight control algorithm and the excellent electromechanical power efficiency. The drone also features two modes: the sport mode and wind resistance mode. In the sport mode, the drone has a level 7 wind resistance, while in wind resistance mode, it upgrades to level 8. This means that you can fly without any worries even in high winds.

Other flight functions of the Ace Pro include:

  • Movie mode
  • Normal mode
  • Sport mode
  • One key take off
  • One key return to home
  • Low battery return to home
  • Failsafe return to home
  • Landing Apron Search
  • 360 degrees shooting
  • Comet mode
  • Orbiting
  • Waypoint
  • Line Fly mode

You might already be familiar with most of these modes. For example, the Failsafe return to home function makes the drone automatically return to the take off point in case anything goes wrong. Whether it loses signal or it has a low battery, it will make sure to land safely before it gets into an accident. In total, it has 19 intelligent flight modes, making it one of the smartest drones right now.

This model also has HUBSAN Third Generation Visual Tracking. The upgraded version of the neural network acceleration engine cooperates with the upgraded version of the AI pattern matching and detection algorithm. Therefore, it greatly improves the tracking accuracy and significantly reduces the tracking delay.

The package of the Ace Pro includes:

  • HT018Y remote controller
  • 3S/3800 mAh flight battery (1, 2 or 3)
  • Intelligent charger
  • Pair of spare propellers
  • RC <> Phone data cables (Micro, USB Type-C, and iPhone)
  • Screwdriver
  • User manual

In conclusion, this promises to be a pretty good model that will guide us in the world of quadcopter flying just as good as the Hubsan models of the past. It can definitely be a good drone for both beginners and more experienced pilots that want to have a little bit of fun. The many safety functions will make sure that the Ace Pro is kept safe, while the other functions will stay there waiting to offer a great time for anyone who decides to use them. If you think this could be a good model for you or even an interesting gift for someone else, you should know that you can find it on BangGood at an amazing price.

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