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HGLRC Petrel 120x Pro Racing Quadcopter Review

HGLRC Petrel 120x Pro Racing Quadcopter

The HGLRC Petrel 120x Pro seems as though a Furious Angry Bird and flies like a SpaceX rocket. Starting with my first flight test I was intrigued with the flight execution of this little Thootpick style 3″ FPV drone. 

Basically, it’s a “Toothpick” drone, like the URUAV UZ80 DIY FPV drone which is a lightweight miniature FPV drone, for the most part under 100 grams and without a battery. They are controlled by little 2S and 4S LiPo packs and run with 2.5-3″ propellers. Toothpicks are little yet incredible quadcopters implied for genuine acro outside, in restricted spaces (like patios), where bigger drones would be cumbersome. Ordinarily, their drop weight stays under 250 grams and can be flown lawfully without extraordinary enrollment in many nations. 

Contrasted with its archetype (non ‘X’ Petrel 120Pro), it has an upgraded outline, improved equipment, a superior FPV camera, and 3″ props rather than 2.5″ ones.

What’s in the box?

  • Petrel 120X Pro Toothpick Frame 3 inch
  • Zeus25 AIO 3-6S Flight Controller
  • Zeus nano VTX 350mW
  • CADDX ANT FPV Camera
  • 4x 1404 KV4800 Brushless Motor
  • 8x GEMFANT 3016 3 Inch 3-Blade propeller
  • IPEX Small hammer antenna mini (RHCP)
  • 2x Battery Strap
  • Receiver(Optional) 

Design and build

In spite of that is utilizing 3-inch props, it looks multiple times less than any of my 3″ CineWhoops. The genuine X edge has a 120 mm wheelbase (corner to corner engine to engine distance). The 3mm thick unibody carbon fiber outline is supported by front and back bracers. The casing has 16x16mm, 20x20mm, and 25.5×25.5mm mounting designs. The hard ABS canopy can oblige 14 mm cameras and permits point change. Its plan recalls that me of the wicked irate birds. Out of the crate weighs only 88 grams and with a 4s 650mAh battery 178 grams. 

In the focal point of the casing is a solitary stack HGLRC’s Zeus25 AIO flight controller with coordinated 4-in-1 25A ESC. The wiring isn’t really perfect, however in any event a large portion of the links are inside the canopy. I recommend you zip-tying the battery link to the edge, else, it very well may be ripped off from the FC during an accident. The battery can be joined to the casing utilizing an elastic band or the included velcro lash. You can mount it in two ways (straight or opposite). 

The short Hummer receiving wire is very adaptable, not liable to break during mishaps. At first, I felt that the shark blade on top of the canopy is simply important for the plan, however during my tests, I discovered that helps in Turtle mode (Flip Over After Crash). 

I have consistently an issue storing and move my drones. I couldn’t say whether they determined or not, however in the event that you eliminate the defensive froth from the first box, the drone will fit completely inside with the propellers appended. There is even space for two batteries.


HGLRC selected to furnish this 3″ Thoopick with the Caddx Ant camera that actions 14x14mm and weighs only 2 grams. The camera’s point can be acclimated to coordinate with your flight style. The little ANT is a brilliant spending plan FPV camera that has the nature of numerous greater cameras. 

The 5.8Ghz simple continuous video transmission is accomplished utilizing the Zeus Nano VTX. Including various mounting choices, it tends to be utilized in most real hustling flight stacks. Broadcast force can be flipped between 25mW, 100mW, 200mW, and 350mW. It has a low-power ‘Pit’ mode too. As the ‘Capacity’ button is not really available (being under the canopy), VTX settings should be done by means of the BetaFlight configurator. 

Flight experience

The HGLRC Petrel 120X Pro is deft and very much blocked out of the crate. The lightweight plan combined with the enormous engines creates loads of force. Around the same time, I tried the Pavo30, a 3″ CineWhoop. As far as flight execution, there is an immense contrast between them. The Petrel 120X Pro flyes practically like a major 5″ race quad. Wind murders the great when you are playing with Whoops, however, this Toothpick takes wind blasts with no issue. With a 4S 650mAh battery, you can have around 5-7 minutes of flight time. 

Being interested in how much weight can lift this little fiend, I intended to drape a brew on it. Until I went to the cooler and searched for a rope it remained associated with the battery. It took under 10 minutes however it was lethal. It turned out to be hot to such an extent that the RF capacitor dissolved down. During the underlying BetaFlight arrangement I saw that the center temperature goes effectively over 70°C, yet could hardly imagine how this is feasible to make such harms. Presently, when I power it on signals haphazardly. Under the BetaFlight configurator, the flight controller appears to work appropriately, it even speaks with the radio receiver. Likely, (at least one) of the force MOSFET is gone.

Price and availability

You can arrange the Petrel 120x Pro PNP adaptation (no radio recipient) for $159.99. With on-board CROSSFIRE Nano RX you should pay $32 more. There is additionally a possibility for FrSky+, R-XSR, R9mm, FlySky A8S V2, or AC2000 beneficiaries. In the event that you needn’t bother with the additional presentation of the ‘Genius’ release, there are other 3 adaptations of this Thootpick – A definite examination can be found toward the finish of this survey.



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