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ScharkSpark Drone Guard Review

ScharkSpark Drone Guard Review

In the 21st century becomes more and more important to have your online profiles updated with visual contents. Therefore more and more people start to buy DSLR cameras, GoPro sport cameras, or drones. Nowadays even a beginner YouTuber can’t live without a proper drone. But drones are not for just YouTubers. They can do much more than to fly and shot videos. You can take selfies with a drone, shot b rolls, time-lapses. These things can be just perfect for you. Even if you’re not a personal blogger or anything just want to have your online appearance on point. And if you started to consider buying a drone you’re just in the right place because today I will show you the ScharkSpark Drone Guard FQ36 which is a perfect drone for beginners.  

The drone is equipped with a lot of features that help you to enjoy your experience with this drone. It’s easy to fly, can do a lot of things and looks pretty good.  

Main specifications:

  • Low-interference 2.4GHz technology
  • Weight: 0.14lb (no FAA registration requires for flight)
  • Unfolded size:19 cm x 19 cm
  • Battery: 3.7v 650mAh Li-Po battery  
  • Charging Time: 90 minutes  
  • Flight Time: up to 12 minutes  
  • Control Range: Approximately 80 meter
  • Video Transmission Range: Approximately 30 meter

What’s inside the box?

Just a few days after you ordered the drone you will find the following things in the package:

  • The ScharkSpark Drone Guard FQ36
  • 1xTransmitter
  • 2x Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 1x USB Charging Cable

(The manufacturer suggests to use this cable for charging due to safety reasons)

  • 4x Extra Propellers
  • 4x Propeller Guards
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 1x APP Manual

Design and flight experience

The ScharkSpark Drone Guard itself has an elegant look with its well-designed look and forever green black color with gold details. You can find the power button on the top of the drone which is making the button accessible as possible.  The drone’s body and accessories are made high-grade materials, as high as the price lets him. So it’s not the most massive drone out there but it’s really durable comparing him to his competitors.  

It’s easy to transport. The transportation doesn’t require any special backpack or case. You just simply fold the arms and the propellers and you are good to go with your little buddy. The drone isn’t built with LEDs on the arms but it has an even more fun feature. It has flashlights on the two sides of the camera which can capture in 720p It’s not the best but you work with that. Having a flash next to the camera is a really useful thing in the dark. First of all, you are able to see where is your drone, and which is the front and rear sides of your drone. And second, it helps you to make more clear photos in the night time or in a dark place because this drone can be used indoor as well.

The drone comes with two 3.7V 1000mAh Li-Po batteries. Each one of them can resist up to 11-12 minutes, depending on how of the features are you using. And each one of them can be charged fully in 90 minutes. While flying the drone you can use it up to 80 meters which a bit disappointing, and you have video transmission to your phone only in the first 30 meters. After that, you can just wonder what your drone’s camera can see.

Due to his inbuilt 6-axis gyro stabilization mechanism, the drone can stay very stable, even in the hand of a beginner. The stabilization helps you to take more clear photos and videos and makes the flight safer because to drone won’t go to places you don’t want to. The drone is built with and altitude holds as well. You can activate it by releasing the left throttle, and you’re all set to take stable photos and videos

ScharkSpark Drone Guard Design

Another thing that helps you to control the drone is take-off/landing button. It’s the same button and helps you a lot and the landings because using this you surely won’t break the drone. Just make sure the drone is placed above a flat surface (and no, the earth doesn’t count because the earth isn’t flat). It also has a return home button which is a great feature given by the manufacturers. A lot of new drone users makes the mistake to get too excited, which is understandable and fly their drones too far after which they barely can control it to come back. Having this button you just press it and the drone will return to the point where he took of. Making your life as simple as possible.


One of the most important aspects of the drone is the FPV (First Person View) capability. Which means you can connect your phone to drone to give some important information about the drone and about what exactly will you capture with the camera of the drone. This thing is possible by downloading the app, which is available for both Android and iOs based phones.

And if you want to use the application to its full potential you have a manual for the app as well, there you can read about every single thing you can do with that app. Another benefit of using the is that you can control the drone with it. After you connected the drone to your phone you can control it from there without any problem. Therefore you don’t have to mess with batteries anymore or to lose time searching the remote. Because you will always have the remote in your pocket until your phone is with you.  

The drone is able to make a  360-degree flip with pressing only one button on the remote controller. This is a really cool trick to impress your family and friends, and while recording you can make a twist in your videos. Literally.

The drone is also able to fly and capture in headless mode.  Which means that the front side, where the camera is placed as well don’t have to be in the direction that you wish to fly. This aspect helps a lot if you want to make a good video.

Others opinion about the drone:

“This drone packs a lot of value in a small package! First of all, it is perfect for beginners. The altitude holds function makes it super easy to get this drone in the air and not have to worry about regulating your altitude. It comes with everything you need as well. Two batteries, charger, extra props, and prop guards. The camera isn’t the greatest and you will notice some lag in the video, but at this price, you really can’t expect much better. The instructions that came with the drone help you get it set up quickly and easily.”

ScharkSpark Guard Package

“This is a drone for beginners. If you have some experience with drones, you will better off buying a more expensive drone. This drone is durable and has a decent battery life (~14min/battery). It comes with two batteries, and charges via the usb port, giving you sufficient flight time on the go. I have had it fall a multiple times and it survived all the falls, which was surprising and speaks about durability. Camera quality is ok-ish and can be saved directly on the mobile phone. However, it works well only if the drone is close ~ 60-70ft.”

“This is my first drone. I spent a little more than I really wanted to as a beginner because I didn’t want a piece of crap toy. This drone is pretty nice. It’s even smaller than I imagined. Battery life is a little short but they’re small so that’s expected, and that’s why I bought extras.

Headless mode is listed as an “advanced” mode but I personally find it easier. Maybe because I play video games.

“I got an app to pair it up with my phone for pictures and video and it works OK except I can only view pics/video in the app itself. Since my Pixel doesn’t have an SD card I guess I’ll have to try and sync it with my PC to download and share images.”

Final conclusion

The drone looks great and has a lot of useful features. The price/value ratio is pretty good in his case. Of course it cant be compared to some bigger and more expensive drones because the video quality can be improved. And the fact that it can be used only in a range of 80m is a little disappointing. But the things it can do for this price and the thing that is built-in on the remote and in the drone might cheer you up and makes you forgot about the bad sides. After all, it’s a pretty good drone, it’s compact, easy to use and these are the things that make him a perfect drone for beginners.

If you are pleased with the drone you can buy it from Amazon.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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scharkspark-drone-guard-review In the 21st century becomes more and more important to have your online profiles updated with visual contents. Therefore more and more people start to buy DSLR cameras, GoPro sport cameras, or drones. Nowadays even a beginner YouTuber can’t live without a proper drone....


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