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Bolt Drone Review

Bolt Drone Review

Bolt Drone Review: Professional Racing FPV for Under $150

Racing drones are one of the hottest things on the market at the moment. They are quite different when compared to regular drones. They are faster, more agile, often more entertaining, and have an interesting use-case scenario. In this review, we will showcase such a drone, the one from Bolt.

The racing drones are great from many points of view. They allow you to engage in competitive races with your friends, and to improve your flying skills quickly. The Bolt Drone has many useful features that we will cover in this review.

Aerodynamic Design

The Bolt drone has a very different look when compared to regular consumer drones. Although it is a beginner-friendly drone, it has a professional design. The manufacturer managed to combine performance with great looks seamlessly. Because it is a racing quad, Bolt has an aerodynamic design that increases its performance.

The drone is optimized to maximize airflow and to provide a better flying experience. The propellers are designed to increase speed by reducing air drag. This drone is made to fly fast so, increased durability is essential. Bolt is made out of carbon fiber which is pretty lightweight and very flight efficient.

The carbon fiber is more beginner-friendly ensuring the integrity of the drone in case of any crashes. This is important because fast-flying drones are more likely to experience crashes. The drone also has highly durable landing pods, making it easier for beginners to land this toy.

Bolt is made to perform. But, this doesn’t mean that other useful features had to be omitted for the sake of speed. As a ready-to-fly quad, Bolt comes equipped with everything you need, right out the box. You just need to connect the batteries and enjoy the thrill of drone racing. This makes it perfect for beginners since no assembling is required.

Bolt Drone Flight

Camera & VR Mode

For racing drones, the camera has an increased utility. Besides aerial photos and video, having a quality camera is essential for efficient navigation. If you’re going to race at high speeds, you don’t want to experience lag or unclear camera footage, or you might crash.

The bolt drone has a built-in HD camera of 720p. It will not provide you with pictures of the highest quality but, that’s not its purpose. The camera is meant to be cheap, keeping the costs minimum, and recording good-enough footage for navigation purposes. Bolt is also surrounded with LED Lights to ensure vision in any circumstance.

As any racing drone, Bolt can be used with VR goggles. This is a great feature that will increase your field of view and flight performance. The FPV goggles are included in the box, allowing you to use this drone at its full potential from day one.

When it comes to navigating the drone, you have two main control options. It has a built-in HD screen that can give you a useful field of view. You can use the controller together with the screen to navigate it like a regular quadcopter.

You can enter VR mode and control the Bolt drone through head tracking digitally. This makes the whole experience more immersive, allowing you to navigate better and defeat your racing opponents. You can go from FPV control to VR mode seamlessly, making it easier to operate even for beginners.


Since Bolt is a racing drone, performance is what matters the most, and we’re about to review it right now. It is a high-power quadcopter, being able to fly for about 14 minutes in a single charge. For a racing drone that has a high power consumption level, 14 minutes of flight time is great. If you get some extra batteries, charging hubs or other similar drone accessories, you can ensure an even higher flight time.

Bolt Drone Review Exploded View

When it comes to speed, the Bolt drone can go for as much as 30 miles (50km) per hour. For an entry-level beginner FPV racing drone, such a maximum speed is quite good. Shielded with durable and aerodynamic materials, the Bolt drone can put up a great flying performance.


With all of its high-end racing features, the Bolt drone is quite a good fit for beginners, as shown in our review. The retail price starts at $200 on their official site but you can buy it for $140 on Amazon and other marketplaces. This is quite an affordable price considering the features.

Bolt is a ready-to-fly racing drone, packed with useful features and an increased level of protection and durability. It has a great battery life for drone racing, a VR mode for immersing piloting and a very reasonable price. It is ideal for beginners.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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