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Halo Drone Pro Review

Halo Drone Pro Review

Halo Drone Pro Review

Beginner drones are an ideal if you want to experiment with drone flying, and to “dip your toes” in the market. However, if you want to play with more features and have a high-performance drone, you need to get into a different budget range. The Halo Pro is a professional and expensive drone that we’re about to review in this article.

The Halo Drone Pro, also known as Halo Stealth Pro is one of the best professional drones on the market at the moment. It was ranked as the best drone in 2018, and it is still one of the best drones in 2019 too. It has a wide range of professional features but, everything comes at a price.


The Halo Drone has a foldable design that is very resembling of the GoPro Karma. Even if it’s easier to transport, the Halo drone is quite bulky, weighing 3 pounds. You can only transport it in the hard case backpack that comes included in the box. You will have to detach the rotors when transporting it, otherwise, it will not fit in the case.

It is 5.5 x 7.5 x 14 inches when folded, making it quite a big drone. However, the camera is detachable as well, increasing the portability of the drone. The Hard Shell Backpack Case that comes included with the Halo Drone will be ideal for transportation purposes, having room for all of your drone accessories.


A 4k camera comes included in the package, being good enough for most photography and videography activities, both beginner but also professional. By default, the camera records at 50Mbps H.265/HEVC which means that you will need to get a micro SD card. If you’re not satisfied with the “out of the box” features, you can always use another action camera with the drone.

Halo Drone Pro top view

When it comes to video, you have the option to shoot at higher frames rates, being able to record slow-motion video. If you want to access these features, you’ll need to put some more work in. We can’t explain the whole process in this Halo Drone Pro but you’d have to remove the camera from the gimbal, learn to navigate the menu, and change the settings manually. You have to do the same thing all over again when shifting back to the default settings. It can be overwhelming for beginners.

The camera is powered by a Sony IMX 377 Image Sensor. It also has a 6-axis EIS & Lens Distortion Correction, allowing you to take the best shots possible. It can take still pictures at an 8MP resolution in a 16:9 format. If you want to have 12MP pictures you’ll have to settle for a 4:3 format, which can be annoying to some. The images are of high-enough quality and stored by default in a JPG format.

Features and Performance

Drone features and performance is where the Halo Pro can stand out of the crowd. Although many of the features can be found on beginner drones, some can’t.

In the box, a Wrist Remote and Follow Me module is included. They can enable the Follow Me function of the drone, without having to use a remote controller. The function enables the camera to track and record all of your movements, as long as you’re in an open area. Although very useful, the function is a bit outdated since other drones can perform subject recognition for tracking.

The drone also has auto flying capabilities. By marking up to 30 points on the map you can automatically make the drone fly. In this mode, the drone can perform moves that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. All of these features can also be accessed through the drone’s mobile application which is available both for Android but also iOS.

Although the Halo Drone Pro is not necessarily projected for racing, it can easily reach some high-end speeds. The maximum speed is 50 miles (80km) per hour with a flying range of 3280ft (1km). This enables the drone to reach quite some professional flying performances.

Halo Pro package

The Halo Drone has a flight time of up to 22 minutes. Considering its bulky design and increased power consumption, the flight time is satisfying enough. Used in combination with a couple of spare batteries, you can keep the Halo Drone Pro in the air for quite long, as showed in this review.


The Halo Drone Pro is not a toy for beginner users due to its increased difficulty to operate, as showcased in our review, above. It has a large number of complex features that can help any professional create better content. Its performances are quite exceptional as well, making it an ideal drone for many people.

However, there’s one main disadvantage to this quadcopter, and that is the price. It usually retails for $1497 but it is now on sale for $695 on the Halo Board official site. Although many cheaper drones can get excellent results, at its current price of $695, the Halo Drone Pro is not such a bad option.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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halo-drone-pro-review Halo Drone Pro Review Beginner drones are an ideal if you want to experiment with drone flying, and to “dip your toes” in the market. However, if you want to play with more features and have a high-performance drone, you need to get into a different...


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