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The 7 Best Drone Accessories in 2019

The 7 Best Drone Accessories in 2019

Drones represent the ideal device both for professional use but also for entertainment. You can gift them to your loved ones, and they will be able to use most of them right off the bat. You can also use them to take professional pictures and videos, helping you become a better creator. There’s a large number of accessories that could further improve your flying experience. Because of that, we want to highlight the best drone accessories in 2019 in this article.

Some drones have more limited functions than others but, you can improve them by using certain accessories. There are accessories for your camera, for the battery, and even for transportation purposes. They come in all shape and forms but, we’ll only display the seven best in here.

DJI High Capacity Flight Battery Pack

Before you go out and pick up any other accessory, you need to get extra batteries. This is at the base of your flying experience since most drones can only operate for a handful of minutes. If you want to get more than 10-15-minutes of flying time without having to return home you need to use extra batteries.

DJI High Capacity Flight Battery Pack

Each drone has its own set of extra batteries that can be easily purchasable online. However, the DJI High Capacity Flight Battery Pack stands out of the crowd for a couple of particular reasons. This extra battery weighs only 450 grams and can keep your drone fueled for about 30 minutes. Depending on the size of your drone, this battery pack might be ideal for you.

TOZO Antenna Signal Range Booster

Most consumer drones usually have a flying range of only a couple of km. Some of the most professional drones like the DJI Inspire 2 Professional, DJI Mavic Pro, or the Phantom 4 Pro can go for as far as 7km. That is only at the high-end of drones.

All drone users have a desire to go further and faster, experiencing as much of their surroundings as possible. Unfortunately, by using some entry-level quadcopters that is not possible. An antenna signal range booster like the one from TOZO can considerably improve your maximum range. Although the exact numbers regarding the maximum range are not known, the booster surely shows an improvement.

DJI Immersive FPV Goggles

If you have an FPV drone you already have the option to see live footage directly on your phone, or on the transmitter. This allows you to directly view the environment surrounding your flying toy. This is quite a limited viewing experience since you’re watching the footage on a display that’s only a couple of inches wide.

Since we’re in the 21st century, we all want an experience as better as possible. When it comes to FPV drones, something like that can be accomplished through a pair of goggles like the DJI Immersive FPV Goggles. By moving your head while wearing the goggles you can directly change the image. Being able to use the device for up to six hours, the DJI Goggles will surely give you an immersive experience.

Neewer Filter Kit

It is well-known that a large number of drones are equipped with very powerful cameras. The only problem is that those drones are quite pricey. The budget drones, even if cheaper, they often lack in the camera department. They have decent cameras but, as soon as you step into an environment that’s too dynamic, they start failing.

Neewer Filter Kit

To fix this major issue, drone pilots must take good use of camera filters like the Neewer Filter Kit. If you’re a beginner photographer and drone user, these filters can be life-saving. Depending on your needs, you can easily alter the footage with various filters. You can make the pictures brighter or darker, sharper and with more contrast.

Powerextra Waterproof Carrying Bag

Including a quality carrying bag in our article about the best drone accessories is a must since everybody should own such an accessory in 2019. Protecting your drone as best as possible should be the priority for any drone user. The drones are placed in a difficult situation, often taking damage throughout the flight.

For that reason, a carrying backpack is needed to ensure protection while transporting the drone. With a simple design, plenty of space to store your drone and additional pockets for your other accessories, the Powerextra Waterproof Carrying Bag is all that you need.

PNY U3 Pro Elite 256GB Micro SD Card

Most basic drones are recording high-resolution footage in HD, or even better. Even the low-budget ones can record clips in 720p or even 1080p. The professional drones are usually recording in 4K which takes considerably more space. If you want to go on a flying journey, you need to get a big enough SD card to minimize the risk of footage loss.

A 64GB card should be the minimum for any drone user that’s shooting in HD. Most of the times you will have to clear up your card right after landing the drone. By using a bigger card like the PNY U3 Pro Elite 256GB Micro SD Card you’ll be able to record as much as you want, without losing anything.

DJI Phantom 4 Intelligent Battery Charging Hub

DJI Phantom 4 Intelligent Battery Charging Hub

If you want to make the most out of your outdoor time, you need a battery charging hub. This way, you can charge your spare batteries while using the drone. By the time your drone battery is empty, you will have a good enough replacement. The DJI Phantom 4 Intelligent Battery Charging Hub can be used perfectly with the DJI High Capacity Flight Battery Pack.


Using your drone right out of the box will allow you to perform a number of useful tasks. Most of the times it will do a basic job, helping you learn. But, as you progress, you will end up needing more professional equipment and accessories. These 7 best drone accessories in 2019, as showcased above, can significantly improve your drone flying experience, helping you become a better pilot and creator.

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