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GoolRC T37 RC Drone Quadcopter with 720p Camera Deal

GoolRC T37 RC Drone Quadcopter with 720p Camera Deal

GoolRC T37 RC Drone Quadcopter Deal

This drone is another foldable quadcopter we would like to present. The design of the GoolRC T37 RC Drone is really simple, but very nice. It has foldable arms that tuck in its body and it is considered a pocket size drone, which means it’s really easy to carry and bring around.
GoolRC T37 RC Drone From Front And Top
It has a built in camera that can tilt to a certain angle. The resolution of the camera is 720p and is much better than the resolution of the previous H37 camera that had only 480p resolution and we think that this is a big improvement. It’s very important for a drone to have a good camera.

We have here a list of specifications for you to find more out about this drone:

  • Brand Name: GoolRC
  • Model: T37
  • Remote control: 2.4GHz, mode 2
  • Gyroscope: 6 axis
  • Material used: ABS
  • Colour: Red
  • Battery charger: USB charger
  • Camera resolution: 720p
  • FPV transmission: 2.4GHz
  • Control distance: 40m
  • Battery: 3.7V 500 mAh Li-Po battery
  • Flight time: between 5 and 8 minutes
  • Charging time: one hour
  • Quadcopter weight: 80g

GoolRC T37 RC Drone Led Lighs

Official information about the GoolRC T37 RC Drone Quadcopter

These are some official information about the drone, it looks pretty good for a pocket sized drone. The GoolRC T37 RC Drone is easy to control and it flies very smoothly. The hard case of it makes this quadcopter very resistant to crashes so that even if you knock it badly, it will only have a few scratches. We recommend this drone to beginners as well, just because it’s easy to control as said above and because it has all those amazing specifications.

If you are interested in this drone then you can buy it online for about $33 and it is available only on the color red. It’s quite a good price for a folding, pocket sized drone that has good specifications.
GoolRC T37 RC Drone Package-Content
Try it out and we believe you might find yourself a new best friend in this amazing drone.

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