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Super Secret Aircraft America and The Deadly Drones

Super Secret Aircraft America and The Deadly Drones

America’s Super Secret Aircraft and The Deadly Drones

America's Super Secret Aircraft and The Deadly Drones
A Detective Story
This work began as an investigation into the UFO phenomenon from the 1950s Flying objects with strange lights traveling at an incredible speed, making sharp turns, and disappear completely.


The investigation into these events into a genuine whodunit deduction, induction, intuition, and clandestine research. Were indeed flying saucers to the public, but was known kept the US military and under strict veil of secrecy.

Along with the super aircraft of the US and its allies were developing deadly drone warfare aircraft. The technologies involved in military exploration soon had non-military purposes. Thus we have computers, internet, and plenty of surveillance techniques.

The desire and the need to improve these aircraft is a matter of utmost national security and as it continues at a feverish pace today.



Interesting theory -. Almost no proof December 5th, 2012

Rick Cook See all my reviews

This review is: America’s Super Secret aircraft and the Deadly Drones (Kindle Edition)

This is basically your standard UFO book peppered with references to American black planes project. thesis of the author is that flying saucers are actually secret experimental US aircraft. Henderson tells some of the most famous UFO stories and offers its speculation about what these things are a way for them to fly

theory Henderson is almost entirely speculative -. That’s to be expected – and very short on the technical details – and that’s disappointing. She has pretty clearly only a very limited understanding of the technologies and pseudo-technologies she’s talking about,

I was expecting the airy speculations and almost complete lack of evidence, but I was hoping for more technical details, especially the possible methods flight of UFOs. That is a subject that has been discussed and theory of the UFO community for more than 50 years, As it is, the book she barely mentioned.

very disorganized and repetitive , July 24, 2012


This review is from: America’s Super Secret Aircraft and The Deadly Drones (Kindle Edition)
I was pleased with the great research that went into this book, but it was hard to read because of the lack of organization. Data of observations should be narrower in combination with the possible explanations. Too much time was taken to go on investigating committees and their conclusions that seemed to be repeated over and over again in the book. I think there could be said about the secret Nazi planes were quite ahead of their time. I was also disappointed that the first use of the F-117 Stealth was not called against Manuel Noriega. The next time you can include pictures as well.

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