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Automatic Flight Control Systems

Automatic Flight Control Systems

Automatic Flight Control Systems

Automatic Flight Control Systems
The history of the flight control can not separate the history of aviation are considered. Since its early days, the concept of Automatic Control Systems advanced mechanical systems.

Automatic fly-by-wire flight control systems that can be found nowadays in highly developed military aircraft and civilian aircraft.

Even today, several research efforts have been made for further development of these systems in many aspects.

Current developments in this area is located at a plurality of different aspects.

This book presents a collection of knowledge on key areas, such as inertial navigation.

The use of unmanned aircraft and helicopters, trajectory control of an unmanned space re-entry vehicle.

Aeroservoelastic control, modify flight control and error-tolerant flight control.

It examines theoretical perspectives and current conceptual advances in operating systems. Along with describing theories of modified and fault-tolerant systems.

Each technique has been developed using appropriate illustrations and examples.

List Price: $ 109.95

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