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Drone with chainsaw – Octocopter goes wild!

Drone with Chainsaw

So something has not been seen before – a drone with chainsaw . Incredibly, crazy or just plain dangerous? In this article, you learn everything worth knowing about this Octocopter with a built chainsaw. Fascinating and frightening at the same time.

This is surely the height of madness. Or is it in this Octocopter Tag even to a technical masterpiece? Well, definitely the farmers have come from Finland some. As a basis, a is powerful Octocopter , which can bring several kilograms of additional weight to lose in the air. a chainsaw was placed between the landing gear instead of a camera then. In addition, a unique feature that the chainsaw on the drone pivoted or vertically / tilted horizontally can be. In any case, the hobbyists have here really thought of something and actually create a good working Monster. And of course, there are also to moving image material …

The video for the drone with chainsaw

We have promised you. So hold on tight. The other day we had already this mistaken flamethrower Drone reported that had built a hobbyist from the US itself. Look here now, the Chainsaws drones video :

Whether the Finns this ever a Drones insurance get, is questionable. In our view, this drone has but to offer some positive aspects with a chainsaw – even assuming that the builders of this Octocopters really also what sensible want to do with this drone:

  • use for tree cutting work – as you can see in the video, the chainsaw is pivotable and can be used both vertically and horizontally cut. Inaccessible treetops could be more easily achieved and course costs. Cranes etc. are unnecessary in many situations
  • Removing dangerous overhanging icicles -. As seen in the video – e.g. etc on busy streets, skyscrapers

Here is a photo still – to recognize the drone with a chainsaw through fields/forests in Finland.

Drohne mit Kettensäge - Octocopter im Flug What ye shall keep it Crazy and dangerous or technical masterpiece Let a comment because here goes straight to the YouTube video.

Your can see KILLERDRONE! Flying chainsaw

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