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JJRC H78G FPV Drone Review

JJRC H78G FPV Drone Review

JJRC H78G FPV Drone Review

Nowadays more and more drones look like successful Mavic Pro, which has a good design, but none of the drones can compare with him. However, these mid-quality drones are impressive as well. They have pretty good cameras and a few flight options. They just don’t have that many sensors as a Mavic Pro, so you have to be more careful when you’re flying one of them. But with all the safety features that shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re still interested in this drone let us take a deeper look at all of the capabilities of the JJRC H78G and see what it’s good for.

What’s in the box?

  • 1xJJRC H78G Drone
  • 1×2.4GHz Transmitter (needs 3xAA batteries)
  • 2×7.4V 900mAh Li-ion Battery*
  • 4xBackup Propellers 
  • 4xPropellers Guards
  • 1xUSB Cable
  • 1xScrewdriver
  • 2xManual
  • 8xScrew
  • 4xMotor base
  • 1xCase**

*It will give you 12 to 15 minutes flight time

**This is a perfect way to travel with your drone, you won’t have any difficulties inserting the drone because it’s personalized for this one. Also, it’s much safer to carry in this case rather than in a backpack. In this case, you can fit all of the accessories and even the spare batteries if you have them.

JJRC H78G FPV Drone White Version Review


  • GPS
  • Phone Controlled
  • Motor Type: Brushed
  • Battery Life: 15 mins
  • Flight Range: 300 meters
  • Design: Foldable


The JJRC H78G is a foldable quadcopter that becomes more and more popular in the drone industry. In his folded state, the drone measures 5.2 by 5.2 by 2.4 inches and double that when it is unfolded. Due to this site, you can travel with it without much hustle, especially with that cool case you got besides the drone. OVerall the quadcopter has a very stylish look with its black color and silver stripes. It’s made out of a metal alloy which is a very lightweight material. 


The drone is built with a 1080p camera which is not a 4K one, but for this price it’ forgettable. The camera creates a sharp image to make clear photos and videos and it’s also adjustable up or down so you’ll be able to capture whatever you want. Also, the camera is really wide and has a fisheye effect. The drone has FPV but in order to access that you need a 5G capable phone. If you don’t have one don’t be surprised if the app doesn’t work. But if you have one then nothing can stop you to follow the drone’s live feed.

A bad thing about the recording of this drone might be the fact that it doesn’t have a place for a microSD card. Which means all of the footage will be stored on your phone. Until this everything is okay, you might think. But if you run out of the FPV range or, your phone doesn’t have much space on it your footage will be lost. If you would have a microSD inside the drone the footage would be saved no matter what.

Remote controller

The controller’s quite small, but it can fit easily in an adult or a child’s hand. It has all the standard buttons you might need on a drone-like photo and video mode, flight speed option, return home button, altitude hold, headless mode, etc. It has a pair of antennas on the top and a phone holder on the bottom, for me it’s a bit impractical to keep your phone under the controller. I think it would be much easier if you have your screen above the controller. Also, the controller automatically binds to the drone if you start both of them.

An interesting fact, initially this drone is set to beginner mode which won’t let you fly further than 30 meters which are called geofence. If you want to unleash your inner drone pilot beast and to enter in the so-called master (or expert) mode you have to press the return home button for 5 seconds until you hear a beep that means you’re good to go.  


In order to access the flight options you need to have the app installed on your phone. For example, you can’t give orders for the waypoint form your basic remote controller, you need a device that can access Google Maps for that. All the features that the app is capable of you can be found in the users manual, you have a separate manual just for the app and its features.

Flight modes

This is the section where you can find the difference between any Mavic Pro copy and the real one, the flight modes. Because it’s not only enough to have these but it is really important to them to work it well. This drone has waypoint, follow me mode, and orbit mode as well. And all of them are working surprisingly well. 


  • Easy to use even for teens
  • Good flight time from the two batteries
  • Intelligent battery alerts you when it is draining
  • Good video and photo footage
  • Foldable arms make it easy to travel with
  • It is light in weight
  • Good app, FPV function available
  • Sold with a nice case
  • Has headless mode for beginners


  • Charging time is a bit long
  • The footage can be stored only on the phone
  • Can fly away with the wind as it is too light


The JJRC H78G FPV Drone showcased in this review is a great choice whether you’re an expert or a beginner. This drone has the proper styles for both of the drone user types. A big minus about this drone is the conclusion that you can’t use it without a 5G capable. I mean theoretically, you can, but it’s pretty useless.

As shown in our review, the JJRC H78G FPV Drone stores all the footage in the storage of the phone, in order to connect your phone to the drone you’ll need a 5G capable drone. So my advice to you is to make sure your phone is 5G capable before purchasing this drone. Other than this I don’t see any big trouble about the drone. There is space for improvement of course, but for a price like this, it’s perfect. It has good motors and great flight options, you will surely enjoy using it. 

If you want to buy it check out the following sites to get the best price: Banggood, Gearbest, and Amazon.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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jjrc-h78g-fpv-drone-review JJRC H78G FPV Drone Review Nowadays more and more drones look like successful Mavic Pro, which has a good design, but none of the drones can compare with him. However, these mid-quality drones are impressive as well. They have pretty good cameras and a...


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