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Drone Pilot Log

Drone Pilot Log
Specifically designed for operators of UAVs, UAS and small drones, the “Drone Pilot Log” is one of the very first logs drone pilots provides the ability to monitor, visual flight again and plan to fly the field, and help maintain record keeping for evolving FAA or local regulations. Modern, user-friendly, including nearly 200 log entries and 50 signs of the operation and planning of the flight this worktops is a must-have tool for any drone operator. Columns contain specific information about entering for drone operations and also allow the space on the flight entries as needed to adjust. Key log fields include: – make, model and ID drone UAV or UAS used for operations – Flight location, including takeoff and landing zone – Flight conditions detailed weather, wind, temperature, etc. – Operational issue. notation fields – comments and reactions on the flight annotate as required – Piloting time Operation signs worksheets contain space to visualize: – Flying field – flight path – flight logistics – Obstacles and other details regarding the flight

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The worst value in history of the Amazon! , November 14, 2015

Sandy Scott (Seminole, FL USA) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Drone Pilot Log (Paperback)
I should have a few seconds did some research prior to purchasing these drone log of what I did with the expected arrival of my new drone. 0.95 is a total rip-off for starters. Pages 53-101 (there are a total of 101 pages) are basically blank pages with a large empty square. The top of the page invites you to “Use the space below to depict visually off the flying field, route, flight logistics, obstacles and other details regarding the flight.” There are about 30 pages dedicated to actually log on flights with the ability to only 8 flights per two pages in the eighth logged flights will log on two pages. As an aside, I bought a lot of high-quality, hard-covered logs over the years that I was a commercial pilot for 25 years. A Jeppesen, hard covered pilot logbook has room for years of flights and the rate is 0.99. If I could do it over, I’d just buy one of those log my drone flights. Avoid this total rip-off of a supposed log!

not happy October 8, 2015
T. Wright See all my reviews 

This review is: Drone pilot Log (Paperback)
I am a private pilot and aviation journalist. I consider overpriced product. To say that I would be an understatement disappointed.
Perfect booklet June 3, 2015

This review is from: Drone pilot Log (Paperback)
This thing is perfect for notifying any quad pilot seeking their experiences . With FAA rules are obscure for the future – this is not the way to go …

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