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These are the Accessories for the DJI Phantom 4 that will make your drone even better

These are the Accessories for the DJI Phantom 4 that will make your drone even better

These are the Accessories for the DJI Phantom 4 that will make your drone even better

Well, you just ordered your Dji Phantom 4, or you already have one, but have you thought about the accessories you can put on it? Maybe you’ll need one extra battery, or an extra prop, in this article we will present you every accessory you can buy for your Dji Phantom 4.

Below is a chart with various Accessories for the DJI Phantom 4:

Tablet or Smartphone?

Tablet or Smartphone for Phantom 4?Whether you plan to get a Phantom 4 or you already have one, to take advantage of its full features you would need a mobile device. There’s a DJI app that can be downloaded on most Android and iOS devices, but it won’t work properly on all of them. Many people have their opinions when it comes to Android vs. iOS, but many people said that the iPad mini 4 will give you the best experience.

If you have the iPad mini 3 there’s no problem, because that one also works very well. We wouldn’t recommend you to get the iPad air because that would make the controller very heavy and there’s no sun hood available for it. For loading the maps you can use the cellular data on the iPad, but if that’s not available for your iPad you can link it to your phone or you can load the maps before you step out of your house.

Extra Battery

Extra Battery For Phantom 4Every year the drones get more flight time from the batteries, but 28 minutes of flight is still not enough if you plan on doing some really nice video work with your drone. When you’re far from your home, outside, in a park or outside town there won’t be any power outlets to charge your drone so one or even two extra batteries would be very useful in these kind of situations.

Sun Hood

Sun Hood for DJI Phantom 4Pretty much every smartphone or tablet user knows that their device screen is extremely reflective outside under the sun, meaning that on a sunny day you would struggle to see something on your smartphone or tablet screen. The good thing is that DJI has designed a sun hood specifically for the iPhone 6s Plus and the iPad Mini. They may also work with other tablets that are similar in size but this is not assured.

Extra Charger

DJI Phantom 4 ChargerExtra batteries are good for getting more flight time, but if you have only one charger that can be a little frustrating. Having one charger and extra batteries means that you must charge every single one of them, one at a time, meaning that having 4 empty batteries would take you at least 4 hours to completely charge them, that is if you notice right away when one battery has fully charged.

Word of advice: If you get an extra battery charger you would also need to buy a power chord that you can plug into a wall socket. We recommend you to have a charger for every two batteries, meaning that you can use 3 chargers for 6 batteries and to fully charge them it would take about 2 hours.

Having a car charger can be very useful if you’re on a road trip and the only option for charging your batteries would be your car.


DJI Phantom 4 BackpackIf you get a drone like the Phantom 4 surely you will want to take it outside. If you want to take it just in parks the box that comes with it would do just fine, but if you want to take it on a plane, when you’re biking or hiking or any sort of adventure the Dji backpack will serve you just good. It is a very good option because it is designed specifically for the Phantom series. It has several pockets on the outside and even on the inside for holding things such as ND filters, money, ID, keys, external hard drives etc. Another cool feature that Dji backpack has is the laptop compartment that can hold a 15 inch Macbook Pro.

ND Filters

If you don’t have much experience with video or photography probably you’re wondering what an ND filter is. An ND filter is essentially sunglasses for cameras. An ND filter diminishes the amount of light that travels into the lens, resulting in a lower shutter speed. As a result your shots will have a higher motion blur amount and the micro-vibrations will be cut down.

There are 3 different ND filters. The ND4 is the brightest one and the ND16 is the darkest one (meaning that it would create more motion blur). We would recommend you to get the ND8, it falls right in between these two. When the sun starts to set remember to switch back to the original filter because otherwise your shots would start looking dark and grainy.

Micro SD Card

Your Phantom 4 should come equipped with a 16GB Micro SD card. When starting out with drone flying 16GB should be enough, but not long after that, you will find that 16GB will give you only 40 minutes of video shooting. If you plan on shooting more than 40 minutes long videos you should get a 64GB card. That is the max rated compatibility of this drone but some users reported that 128GB cards would work too.

Extra Propellers

The Phanom 4 has obstacle avoidance, but even with that crashes are possible. That only avoids the obstacles that are in front of the drone but if you’re trying to get a shot while you fly backwards there are chances that you would hit something. This is when you would need some extra propellers. The good news are that the Phantom 4 already comes with two extra ones but if you plan on going on a road trip it’s a good idea to have 4 extra props.

HDMI Output Module

This is not a really must have for your Phantom 4 but we included this one in this list anyway. This mod allows you to send the live video feed of the Phantom 4 to any device that is HDMI compatible. You can plug it into your TV, or use it with FPV goggles, or you can stream video to a video capture device for some live broadcast work.

For more drone accessories, check us out.

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