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Parrot DISCO fixed-wing drone

Parrot DISCO fixed-wing drone

Parrot DISCO fixed-wing drone – Introduction

Parrot DISCO is a new type of drone: fixed-wing( opposed to those with rotating wings). I’d like to have a drone like this, because this bird-design seems very interesting.Parrot DISCO Drone & Controller & Glasses

Parrot DISCO fixed-wing drone – Camera and Battery

In addition to his design, this drone has a good camera, which can make 1080p FULL HD photos and 360p/720p. It’s not the best camera drone available, but is a really good one. Also, it has 2700 mAh / 25A 3 cells Lipo Battery, which means that its battery life is ~45 minutes. It’s a very long battery life time.

Hardware and Software

If your interest is to develop drone apps, this drone comes with a Linux SO and an Open source SDK for App development. In addition, it has a CPU Dual core Cortex A9 and a 32GB Internal Flash Memory.


This laptop has a built-in GPS and a Wi-Fi Transmission. Also, you’ll can control this drone with a PARROT SKYCONTROLLER 2, or with your personal smartphone, if it has a screen sizes from 4,7″ to 5,7″.


The Parrot Disco Drone packAt about $1300, this is a last generation drone, equipped with everything you can want. The Parrot Disco pack includes:

  • High-capacity battery: 2700mAh
  • Charger + cable USB cable
  • User guide 2 Additional rear propellers
  • Parrot Skycontroller 2 Removable mount for smartphone or tablet USB cable
  • Charger + cable Parrot Cockpitglasses Straps Smartphone drawer

So, this drone is a ready to fly one, and if you want to see more details about it, click here to go on its page.

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