Home Quadcopters Reviews SYMA X5HC 2.0MP HD Camera RC Quadcopter Review

SYMA X5HC 2.0MP HD Camera RC Quadcopter Review

SYMA X5HC 2.0MP HD Camera RC Quadcopter Review

SYMA X5HC 2.0MP HD Camera RC Quadcopter – Best Option For Beginner

I have played with some quads like SYMA X5HC 2.0MP HD Camera RC Quadcopter before but as far as I know, this quadcopter is the best if you want a good quality – price ratio.

SYMA X5HC 2.0MP HD Camera RC Quadcopter Specs

First of all, this quad is for casual use, not for professional use. It is really cheap and it offers really good specifications for that price. It has a 2.4 GHz remote control, a Gyroscope with axis, a coreless motor and a 2.0MP HD camera. The batteries last 5 -7 minutes and you can charge them back in 130 minutes. Also, the customer support replies in 24 hours if there are any problems.

SYMA X5HC Remote Control

So after a little testing, the X5-HC looks really polished. It is not that noisy, you can take really good still images if you want and the image quality from the camera is quite decent. One small problem is that it is tricky to land it, but you can get used to it. This quad has some nice advantages but it can be better.

SYMA X5HC Details

SYMA X5HC RC Quadcopter Advantages And Disadvantages

The main advantages of buying the X5-HC are: it has good leds, it is pretty agile for a camera quad, it stays at altitude pretty well and there are no noticeable up and down movements, the camera has decent video and picture quality, the quad has a nice design, the motors stop automatically when they are jammed and it has a pretty good range.
The disadvantages are: it only has 2 spare props, it has a really low descent rate, landings are tricky and it can be blown away a bit because of a stronger breeze.

SYMA X5HC Package

SYMA X5HC 2.0MP HD Camera RC Quadcopter Review – Conclusion

The X5-HC is the best option if you’re a beginner. There are some functions that help you fly the quad easier but there is still room for improvements. Also if you want to fly it longer, you should really buy some extra batteries if you can. But in general, the cheap price is worth the minor disadvantages and you can get some really nice shots with this quad. View our cheap drones list.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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