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Syma X9 Car Quadcopter Review

Syma X9 Car Quadcopter review

Syma X9 Car Quadcopter – Two Toys in One

The Syma X9 Car Quadcopter is not a regular drone. This quad can do more than fly around and in this review I’ll do a full presentation.

Usually, we’ll see three main types of vehicles, those that stay in water, on roads and those that fly. There are some combinations however, like the military transporters that are amphibious. Over the years, some inventors tried to make a car that can fly. It’s not impossible, but making it legal, that’s the real challenge.

In the RC world, things are more simplistic. Therefore, Syma introduced a drone that can do the job of a radio-controlled car.

Syma X9 Car Quadcopter design

The Syma X9 can do two jobs, but for some people, it does just 50% from a job and 50% from the other. If you are not decided what to choose from, a RC car or a drone, this “quadcopter” can be for yours for just $39.


Even though the quad has a strange look, its features are similar to a regular drone. Not only that the 4-axis structure allows for more flexible movement, but it also has the ability to do 360 degree flips as well. Moreover, the Syma X9 Car quadcopter has a Throwing Flight Function and its simple design helps for an easy maintenance. Similarly, just like most of the drones, it has 2 flight speeds, low and high.

The flight time is around 5 minutes, using a 3.7V 600mAh LiPo battery and the charging time is about 100 minutes. To compensate the short playing time, Syma gives an extra battery. The 2.4G controller uses 1.5V AAA batteries and has a range of 50 meters.

Syma X9 Car Quadcopter Front View

It’s Not Perfect

Being a dual-purpose RC, it has its drawbacks. One of them is its weight. Because of this, the flight time is short compared to other drones, even though it uses a pretty strong battery. Moreover, carrying so much weight will make the quadcopter feel sluggish. Furthermore, it has no camera.

If we talk about the driving abilities, due to its thin wheels, it can only go on rigid surfaces and the controls are not as simple as the controls found on a regular RC car.

Syma X9 Car Quadcopter Rear View


  • Playing time – 5 minutes
  • Battery – 3.7V 600mAh
  • Charging time – 100 minutes
  • Range – 50 meters
  • Two speed modes
  • Dimensions – 188 x 215 x 65 mm

Package Contents

  • X9 car-drone
  • 2.4G controller (batteries not included)
  • 3.7V 600mAh battery
  • USB charger
  • 4 x extra blades
  • Manual


Despite its downsides, Syma X9 Car quadcopter is still worth taking in consideration if you want to expand your drone collection. As has been noted, this toy is a good deal, especially if you think about the small price. If you want more cheap drone reviews, check this list


Price-performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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