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Holy Stone HS700E Quadcopter Review

Holy Stone HS700E Quadcopter

The Holy Stone HS700E quadcopter drone accompanies some pretty nice highlights and flight modes. And you don’t have to rob a bank to be able to buy it. Accordingly, in the event that you need a serious GPS drone with a significant distance flight range and unbelievable flight time, you may need the HS700E. 

Like the wide range of various Holy Stone drones that we have surveyed here, you will see the value in the workmanship that has gone into this quadcopter. Everything, from the pleasantly cushioned capacity/transport case to the snap set up propellers shows how much this drone producer thinks often about quality. 

Are there any drawbacks to anticipate? Indeed, first, a few groups gripe that the drone is overrated. In reality, Holy Stone drones cost more than the majority of their partners on the lookout. Notwithstanding, if the highlights legitimize the value, it isn’t excessively high.


Motor: 2204 1500KV Brushless Motor

Camera: 12 MP 1080p FHD

Flight Time: 15 Minutes

Flight Height/Distance: 150m high and 1000m distance

Battery : 2800 mAh Li-Polymer battery

App: Ophelia GPS on Google Play Store

Controller: 1km distance @ 2.4GHz

Dimensions: 220 x 220 x 155 mm, about 608g

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Drone HS700 Ophelia
  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 1 x Drone Battery
  • 8 x Propellers
  • 2 x Landing Gears
  • 1 x Camera
  • 1 x Camera Mat
  • 1 x Phone Holder
  • 1 x Balance Charger
  • 1 x Charge Transfer Box
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Propeller Spanner
  • 1 x Explosion-Proof Bag
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x 8GB TF Card (installed in the camera)

Design and build 

The drone is very well built, however, it’s not foldable. But it accompanies its cushioned stockpiling case, so it will be easy to transport it. You will see the high arrival gear. It is planned that way in view of the camera, which isn’t spot on. It is under the nose. 

The weight of the HS700E is 525g. That is more than the permitted 250g, which is excluded from enlistment with the common avionics specialists. So for this situation, you need to enlist it with the FAA before you can fly it. 

For the vast majority of their drones, Holy Stone uses non-polluting ABS plastic material. It is light in weight, dainty, and exceptionally solid. This quadcopter accompanies brushless motors. One of the advantages of utilizing brushless motors is that they don’t devour as much force as the brushed ones. Likewise, such motors are less noisier, and they keep going long with negligible consideration and support.


The HS700E accompanies two batteries. Every battery can give you a flight season of around 23 minutes. These batteries are so natural to eliminate and embed into the drone. Likewise, they have security highlights, for example, cheat insurance. You can leave yours charging when going to work in the first part of the day to eliminate it in the evening. 

It would have been vastly improved if the batteries accompanied two USB charging links. The bundle incorporates only one, yet maybe the supposition that will be that you can charge one battery while the other one charges. The charging time for every battery is around 5 hours. 


The controller for the Holy Stone HS700E drone is extremely good-looking. It additionally is by all accounts made with a similar material utilized for the quadcopter. 

It has a little showcase screen in the middle. There you can see significant specs of the drone when it is flying. Stature, distance, speed, and remaining battery voltage are a portion of the things showed. Hence, in any event, when you are flying the drone indiscriminately, you will in any case know where it is constantly. 

The general transmission range is 3277 feet/999 meters, which is very noteworthy. That is the reason you need an LCD show screen to tell you where your drone is constantly, in any event, when it is far away.


First of all the camera has a wide 130 degrees view. Therefore you can capture a wide range of images when it comes to aerial recording. Aside from that, the camera is a 4K camera with a photo resolution of 3840 by 2160P and a video resolution of 4K at 30FPS and 1080P at 60FPS. 

The camera has likewise been outfitted with an electronic picture adjustment framework. It eliminates obscuring and mutilation from your recording, particularly when the drone shakes during flight. Likewise, EIS can assist the recording with withholding its direction evenly and in an upward direction when it is cornering. 

You can utilize this camera to take beginner films. On the off chance that you travel routinely and you like to report your undertakings, you can utilize this drone. This is an FPV empowered drone, and it upholds 5GHz picture transmission. The general distance of picture transmission is 1640 feet/500 meters. 


What is the speed of this quad? 

  • The speed of the drone HS700E is:(1.2~1.8M/S、9~12M/S).

Where can I get replacement blades?

  • Holy Stone will sell them directly.  

What phones are compatible with?

  • All phones as far as I know. 

Is this drone better for beginners than the HS720E?

  • They are about the same, the 700E has the legs that the 720E & the camera on the 700E has a wider field of view.  

Does this have a remote ID?

  • No, the drone HS700E did not have a remote ID.


This is a high-end quadcopter. However, if you want to get this drone, you should pay attention to some of these details. First of all, after you unbox the drone, read the user’s manual. Even if you used a similar drone before like the Holy Stone HS100, there may be something new about each drone. Plus, you need to realize how to align the drone, even if comes fully assembled.

Also, fly it when there is no wind. Indeed, even with the re-visitation of home capacities, a solid whirlwind will drive it away for great. The Holy Stone HS700E has a long flight range. Be that as it may, don’t fly it far away, essentially not until you know how it flies. By and large, it is acceptable practice to fly your drone inside your sight. 

In conclusion, pick an open space where there are no individuals or creatures in light of the fact that the sound of the motors can frighten them.

If you’re interested in purchasing the HS700E you can do it on Amazon.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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holy-stone-hs700e-quadcopter-review The Holy Stone HS700E quadcopter drone accompanies some pretty nice highlights and flight modes. And you don’t have to rob a bank to be able to buy it. Accordingly, in the event that you need a serious GPS drone with a significant distance flight...



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