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Potensic P7 Mini Quadcopter Review

Potensic P7 Mini

Potensic P7 Mini Quadcopter Review

Potensic is a drone company that is starting to gain more and more popularity among drone enthusiasts, offering a wide range of drone models of different sizes and different levels of performance. In this article, we are going to review one of their drones, the Potensic P7 Mini Quadcopter. This drone can be a perfect pick for every kid or even for adult beginners who want to start their drone piloting experience. If you are curious and you want to find out more about this drone you should read this article till the end because we are going to do a complete review on it.  

Design and Built-in 

P7 Mini is a really good-looking drone, pretty similar to the popular Holy Stone HS450 Mini, but it is a little smaller. The drone’s body has a beautiful red or white color which makes everyone look after it when it is in the air. Its propellers have a black color and they are very resistant to shocks being protected by their propeller guards. Even if it is a small size drone, it weighs 572, so you will have to register it before you can enjoy the flight experience. It is an easy-to-carry drone, measuring only 5.5 x 5.24 inches, so it can be a great pick for travelers. You can easily put it in your backpack or even in your pocket when you are moving from one place to another. 


When it comes to packaging there are many drones that come without any accessories on the side, forcing you to spend extra money on them so you can fly your drone properly. Unfortunately, the Potensic P7 Mini comes with a great number of accessories so you will not have to spend any more money after you purchase it. Inside the drone’s box you will find:

 – the drone itself

 – 1 remote controller

 – 2 x Battery

 – 2 x Extra even fins (CCW & CW)

 – 3 x AAA Battery

 – 1 x screwdriver

 – User Manual

 – 1 x Drone Charger

Potensic P7 Mini bateries and remote controller


P7 mini comes with a built-in camera that can record impressive aerial videos in 720p.along to that you can also enjoy an amazing FPV experience with this camera. In order to do that you will have to connect the drone to your smartphone and the drone will display the live image straight on your smartphone.  

Moreover, this drone is perfect for taking selfies if you are using gesture mode. The photos and videos taken are not professional ones, but they have a decent quality and by taking into consideration its price, we can say it really worth its price. It is perfect to capture amazing aerial footage when you are having fun with your friends or when you have different life events. 

Potensic P7 Mini camera

Battery and flight time 

With P7 Mini you will get a total flight time of 20 minutes, which is a really impressive amount for a drone at this price. You will get 2 smart batteries which will give 10 minutes of continuous flight time for each one of them. They are modular batteries, so they are not only easier to use but they are also safer. Moreover, you will not have to worry about overcharging them, because these batteries have overcharge protection which will not allow that to happen. 

Flight performance

This drone can perform a really good flight. It is very responsive being controlled by a 2.4GHZ remote controller so it is perfect for kids and beginners. Along with that, this drone comes with some really impressive flight modes and built in components that help it offer an incredible experience for its users. The drone has a gravity sensor control which makes the drone fly in the same direction you are waving your smartphone.

It also has the trajectory flight mode, which makes the drone fly on a route created by yourself. It also can perform mind-blowing 3D flips that you can use to impress your audience. But, one of the best modes is the battle mode. In order to enjoy this mode, you will need a second drone. This mode makes the drone send infrared waves up to 5 meters. If the other drone comes within this range, the waves will sway the drone out of its path. It is a great mode to use if you want to have a great time with your friends. 

Last words

As we can see this drone is a really impressive one, especially at its price range. It can be a great gift or purchase for every kid or drone enthusiast with no experience and also a perfect drone to perform and upgrade your flying skill on. If you like this drone you find it at a great price on Amazon. 


Question: Can you provide specs page with communication bands please?


Dear customer,

Thank you for choosing Potensic.

You can find the PDF User Manual from the “Product guides and documents” on our detail page of the P7 drone which include the Product detailed parameters.

Question: If i buy two do i need to pair them individually so they won’t mix up?


Dear customer,

Thank you for choosing Potensic!

Yes we will suggest our customer to turn on the power of the second drone after pairing the first drone.

Question: Can any two drones battle or do you need a red one and a white one?


Dear customer,

Thank you so much for choosing Potensic!

You need two P7 drones to enter the battle mode and both the white and red P7 drones have battle mode.

Question: Can you battle with more than two?


Dear customer,

Thank you for choosing Potensic.

Yes, you can use more than two P7 drones in battle mode.

The drone that has been hit 4 times will automatically land (regardless of who the attack comes from)

Question: Does it require a phone to operate?


Dear customer,

Thank you for choosing Potensic.

You can use the remote to operate the drone with the 3D flip and fly operate and the battle mode, but if you want to see the real time image and record the video and other function about the camera, a smart phone is needed.

The smart phone with Android 5.0+ or windows system and the iOS 9.0+ can works with our P7 FPV camer drone.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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