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Eachine E52 Selfie Drone 40% Off Deal

Eachine E52 Selfie Drone 40% Off Deal

Eachine E52 Selfie Drone 40% Off Deal on Bangood

Last year I made a review of the Eachine E52 Selfie Drone. It is a budget pocket drone with foldable arms. A good choice if you want to venture in the drone world. It is really cheap, and the price value ratio is definitely one of the best in this category. Now here is an Eachine E52 Selfie Drone 40% Off Deal. Yes, you read it correctly, now is on a deal on Bangood for a limited time, you can get this little Selfie drone for a very low price. But let’s see in detail why it is worth buying this budget drone. Here are some quick specifications about this little machine.


  • Weight: 85g
  • Battery type/size: 3.7V 600mAh Lipo
  • Battery replaceable: yes, proprietary, 1 included
  • Charge time: 70 minutes
  • Flight time: 6-8minutes
  • Camera: 720p sensor
  • Camera adjustable: yes
  • Transmitter: yes, two-handed controller
  • Transmitter battery: AA
  • Distance: 80-100m
  • Wifi technology: 2.4Ghz
  • Special features: FPV, app control, altitude hold, headless mode, 3D flips and rolls

Quick Overview

Eachine E52 Selfie Drone is an upgraded model. The previous version had some issues with battery life and had a poor quality camera. The Eachine E52 has a better camera, in fact, it can be chosen with a 0.3MP camera or a 2MP. The price differs between those too but not too much.

Why should you buy the Eachine E52 Selfie Drone? First of all, if you are a selfie enthusiast you can make interesting selfies with this model. It is super portable, can be carried in a pocket easily.
Eachine E52-TX Selfie Drone
The design of this little quad is very catching. The red and black colors on the body seem to look like a sports car. The body is made of a durable plastic, so you can crash it without worrying that will broke. The only negative aspect is that the propellers tend to be flying off anytime a crash happen.

The camera unfortunately not gives you back the quality you expect. But for a budget drone, this feature is forgivable. The FPV live video feed tends to be blurry and with lags, but again, for this price, you cannot expect too much. I speak about an absolute beginner quadcopter, a fun toy grade machine that can lead you into the world of drones.

Eachine E52-TX Controller
The RC controller is interesting. Lacks the labels, so you have to glue some stickers to know what each button do. Other than that the controller is basic. You have an interesting chip clip attached to the controller where you can put your smartphone on. Speaking about the way of control, you can choose three different ways to control this drone. With the RC, with virtual stickers via your phone, or with tilt mode. This is another aspect that you should buy this little drone. Tilting your phone will move your drone into the direction that you tilted, which is really a fun way to maneuver. In this mode, the gyro sensors of your phone are moving the drone forward. Amazingly this aspect works really well.
Eachine E52-TX Features
Featurewise, the Eachine E52 Selfie Drone has all the characteristics that a beginner pilot needs. Headless mode, altitude hold function, return to home function which works tricky, one key take off and land, 3D flips for fun acrobatic movements and all the basic movements that a novice pilot needs. I forget to mention that the Eachine E52 Selfie Drone has also three-speed modes.

To wrap up this short overview I list the positive and negative characteristics to help you decide if you want to purchase this cheap beginner friendly machine.


  • Good price and a great dea
  • Lightweight
  • Pocket-sized proportions
  • One key return function
  • Replaceable battery
  • Live Video via WiFi FPV
  • Altitude hold function
  • Adjustable speed functionality


  • Camera distortion and FPV lag
  • No labels on the RC controller
  • Short battery life
  • Propellers fly off when you crash it
  • Not too much pixel in the 0.3 MP camera

Eachine E52-TX Drone Package
The price and value ratio at this machine is really good. If you want to try out this new hobby that can lead to a passion Eachine E52 Selfie Drone can be a perfect choice for you. This is a great deal but hurry up because the deal is for a limited time only. I put the link into the description. Meanwhile, if you are interested in more beginner drones check out this article about the best beginner drones in 2018.

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