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777 – 382 SKY PHANTOM Mini RC Quadcopter

777 - 382 SKY PHANTOM Mini RC Quadcopter

The 777 – 382 SKY Phantom Mini RC Quadcopter is a new quadcopter that will soon go on sale, right on time to buy is a Christmas gift for your child.777 - 382 SKY PHANTOM White

777 – 382 SKY Phantom Mini Quadcopter Description:

The quadcopter’s brand name is Happycow and the item’s name is MINI Sky Phantom with the no. 777-328. It’s a 4 channel quadcopter, with a 6-axis Gyro and a frequency of 2.4G, being quite a fast flying drone.
The flying time is about 4 minutes, which is quite the average flying time for a drone to have. It can fly up to 40 meters and it takes 30 minutes to charge the 3.7V 280mAh battery.
The available colors for this model are black and white, the size of the quadcopter is 7.5 X 6.5 X 2.5 CM and, of course, it comes in a box of the size 11.7 X 5.6 X 15.7 CM.777 - 382 SKY PHANTOM Bkack

777 – 382 SKY Phantom Mini RC Quadcopter Features:

Headless mode is a function through which allows the quadcopter to consider the direction opposite to that of the remote control, as the correct one by default. This happens when it flies to a height where the user is not able to judge the direction of the drone’s head with his bare eyes. This makes it easier for the operator to go on with the remaining position.
The 3D Roll allows the drone to make 360-degrees Flip, with a continuous roll for perfect action and a wonderful performance and just by pressing the button on the transmitter.
Three Speed Mode: You can select between the high, medium or the low speed. The speed selection is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.
The LED Light are creatively designed and well fitted for a night flight.
The Functions are: Up, down, left, right, forward, backward, left side fly and right side fly.777 - 382 SKY PHANTOM Controller

777 – 382 SKY Phantom Mini RC Quadcopter Package and Price:

The package includes one RC Quadcopter, one Transmitter, one Battery and one Accessories set and it costs around $35.

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