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Zano palm-sized quadcopter news

Zano palm-sized quadcopter news

Zano palm-sized quadcopter news

Even though it seems like the Torquing Group is planning on liquidating, we need to appreciate the fact that they came with a pretty good concept, and by that I refer to this quadcopter known by the name of Zano palm-sized quadcopter.

Despite the fact that it’s a small quadcopter, and we all know how popular these are today, Zano has other great, appealing features. One of them is the 5 megapixel HD camera that allows you to live stream through your mobile devices, whether is on Android or iOS, so you can see what the quadcopter is capturing live.

Maybe some of the readers might think that it’s not quite safe to use a phone for keeping in contact with the Zano palm-sized quadcopter. However, in case this might happen, the creators have come with a solution: the quadcopter will automatically fly to the last known location of the device and hover there.

Zano palm-sized quadcopter Features

  • Built-in 5-megapixel HD video camera
  • Ability to synchronously swarm in groups of up to a hundred devices
  • Digital image stabilization
  • On-board WiFi
  • GPS

Zano palm-sized quadcopter Package

  • There are no details on the package at the moment.
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