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FuriBee X215 Pro FPV Racing Drone

FuriBee X215 Pro FPV Racing Drone

FuriBee X215 Pro FPV Racing Drone – High Performance Flight

FuriBee has released its new drone and all I can say is that it’s a really cool drone that anyone would like to buy. FuriBee X215 Pro FPV Racing Drone has nice specifications and, as I understood, it has a very durable body to protect it from eventual crashes.
FuriBee X215 Pro Drone

FuriBee X215 Pro FPV Racing Drone Specifications:

FuriBee X215 Pro Carbon Fiber Frame

  • Camera resolution: 1200TVL
  • Sensor: Super HAD II CCD
  • Control range: 1.5km
  • FPV range: 2km pagoda antenna
  • FPV CH: 40
  • Thick carbon fiber motor arms
  • Thick aluminum sheets for fuselage
  • Rear LED lights with buzzer
  • Voltage monitoring (automatic)
  • Diagonal motor distance of 215mm
  • Flight controller: Holybro Kakute F4
  • Propulsion: 2206 2600kV (brushless motor)

FuriBee X215 Pro Dedicated Real-time FPV
The FuriBee X215 Pro FPV Racing Drone comes equipped with a durable carbon fiber frame, as well as the motor arms (the thickness of these arms is of 4mm). The frame should provide a sufficient crash protection for the internal parts of the drone as well as for the camera.


FuriBee X215 Pro Drone 5.8GHz Antenna
The flight controller is the newest version of Holybro Kakute F4 that has integrated OSD and Betaflight preflashed.

Performance And Speed

FuriBee X215 Pro Drone High Performance Flight
This drone is merely designed for performance and speed; it’s a really good racing drone. If you are into racing drones more, then this one should be a good alternative for you to buy. It needs indeed upgraded and a some nice tuning, but I believe this could be a very nice drone to fly around and, maybe have a competition with your friends.


You can check the FuriBee X215 Pro FPV Racing Drone out online and even order it, the price is convenient and you will have a new drone that you can impress your drone lover friends with.
Check it out now, you will find yourself wanting to buy this drone and expand your drone collection. You can find this drone in some stores for $155 and it features the colors black and pink, a very cool design for a racing drone.

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