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JJRC H62 Splendor Foldable Drone


A foldable drone will always be searched in stores by users who are often out on trips and where any space is important when they make their luggage. JJRC H62 Splendor foldable drone will be a perfect example for those who are in this category and whose perfect selfie means a selfie with the drone.

Outdoor trips are often the funniest and most memorable party with friends. Here is nothing to stop you, you are in nature, quiet, impeccable landscape, obviously you need to have an exceptional selfie. This selfie can be done with JJRC H62 Splendor without regretting his purchase later.


The most important part of a drone and especially a selfie drone is the camera, of course. Splendor features a 720P camera with WiFi real-time image transmission. To have a precise coverage of the area where we want to shoot, the angle of the camera can be adjusted manually according to our wishes.

Optical flow and barometric air-pressure are two height stabilization sensors with which Splendor will have a very stable hovering.

For both photos and video footage we will have an image sensor and wide lens that will give us a very good picture quality. Since the drone doesn’t have an SD card slot, all the recordings will be saved directly on the mobile phone using an app available for both Android and iOS downloadable for free. With this app you can control the drone with the help of the on-screen stick or by tilting your phone (G-sensor mode).

JJRC Splendor can fly around 8 minutes thanks to the 850mAh LiPo battery. One very important thing is that the battery is removable, so you can have charged spare batteries so do not miss a moment from your adventure.

JJRC H62 Splendor features and specs

  • Compact design with foldable arms;
  • Smartphone APP control;
  • 720P camera with angle adjustment;
  • WiFi real-time image transmission;
  • Time-lapse shooting;
  • Headless flight mode;
  • Barometric altitude hold;
  • One key take-off & landing;
  • Optical flow sensor;
  • Object tracking;
  • 3D flips
  • Up to 8 minutes flight time.
JJRC H62 Splendor Foldable Drone Compact Form

JJRC has made one of its most attractive designed drones. Materials: ABS & Nylon and the sizes 13.5 x 6.5 x 2.3cm (folded) 20.5 x 18 x 2.5cm (unfolded).

These small sizes offer a lot of support when you need to store it or transport it to a place where you don’t have too much space. Any other drone that doesn’t have foldable arms or has a much larger size even with folded arms will require both a larger storage space and significant care when transported.

It takes windless weather to keep its position in the air, so the new VPU sensor helps a lot the barometer. In an unfavorable weather and lack of GPS, the H62 can easily change its position even if we don’t want it.

To change a negative point with a positive one, we mention that the H62 is very silent. But we change again and we reach a weak point, including the flight speed that is around 3-4 m/s, which is clearly not appropriate for someone who wants a racing drone, but we mention again that in bad weather we can’t expect the wonder from this mini drone.

The visual tracking system offers a surprise to users, running very promptly. As soon as the target is selected through the green rectangle and tracking started, the detection box is surprisingly accurate.

Package included:

  • 850mAh flight battery with JST connector;
  • USB charger;
  • 1 set of spare propellers;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Storage bag;
  • Manual.


  • Efficient visual target tracking
  • Visual assisted altitude hold
  • 720p WiFi Link
  • 120 degrees FOV
  • Foldable
  • Silent
  • Good App
  • Cheap
  • No builtin battery


  • No builtin DVR to record 720p videos directly
  • Not wind resistant (must be used in very calm wind conditions)
  • Sporadic FPV freezes

In conclusion

For such a price, everything will look like a play. Depending on where we buy it, the price differs but not to a large extent. The most affordable stocks are available at Banggood, Geekbuying and Gearbest, but of course you can find the best deals available for your pocket.  

Concluding the JJRC H62 Splendor Foldable Drone story, we mention it is a very good drone and used in favorable weather conditions, it will provide great visual results.

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