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FuriBee Stormer FPV Racing Quadcopter

FuriBee stormer fpv racer quadcopter

Most of the drones found on the market are made out of plastic. Therefore, those sensible drones are sometimes seriously damaged after a crash. That’s why, some quad companies make quadcopters out of carbon fiber. Being that, expensive materials aren’t cheap. Like this FuriBee Stormer FPV Racing Quadcopter which is around €145. This quad is a complex drone that is recommended for skilled pilots, but can also be used by those who are new or intermediate.

Thanks to the BetaFlight Configurator, you cang select one of 3 flight modes: Acro, Horizon and Angle. Angle mode is the easy way to fly this quadcopter, while using this mode, the drone can be operated even by those who are new to the world of drones. Furthermore, the Horizon mode is for intermediate pilots. Lastly, Acro mode gives you full control of the drone making it very agile and ready to race other fast drones. This mode is recommended only for those who are experienced pilots.

The Durability of FuriBee Stormer

furibee stormer fpv race quadcopter

In all honesty, FuriBee Stormer FPV Racing Quadcopter will not break easy. It has a frame and arms that are made from carbon fiber, making it rugged and light, weighing only 341g. To tell the truth, this is like a mini-Matrix-S. With 4 mm thickness of arms and 2 additional 2mm plates for the frame this quadcopter is ready for a hard landing.

FuriBee Stormer FPV Racing Quadcopter is one of the best choices for those who want to race. Since there are many crashes during the competition, this drone has fully replaceable arms and the main frame is also available at a fair price.


Having 4 x 2308 2200 KV, 3-6S, brushless motors made using high quality parts like: Kawasaki stators and NMB bearings, these engines are made to please the most fastidious pilots. Even though each motor is heavy, weighing 38g, produces 1865g of thrust!

Great Camera Tilt Angle

On the other hand, since this drone was generally made for racing, the camera is not great, but it has a good tilt angle. The camera is a FuriBee HS1177 with 2.5 mm lens. Moreover, if you still want good quality images, in the quadcopter’s package you’ll find a GoPro mount that is designed to sit on top of the frame.


If the battery is running low, the Stormer has a loud buzzer board that will alert you. Also, you can use the buzzer manually, this option will come in handy when you can’t find the drone.


  • Engines: FuriBee 2308 2200kv brushless motors, 3-6s rated;
  • Camera: FuriBee HS1177 2.5 mm 600 TVL;
  • Led strip with buzzer board;
  • Versatile Omnibus F4 PLUS Flight controller;
  • 220 mm sized 3K carbon fiber frame;
  • 3 Flight modes;
  • 4 in 1 BHELI-S 35A 3-6 ESC.

Package Content

  • 220 mm sized drone;
  • GoPro camera mount;
  • 2 battery straps;
  • Omnidirectional 5.8G antenna;
  • 2 spare propellers;
  • Optional FrSky XM Plus receiver (BNF).


As was previously stated, I do not recommend this drone for new pilots. But, FuriBee x215 can be a better choice for them. Hence, the FuriBee Stormer is for those who are experienced and want a really fast and rugged quadcopter.

Price-performance ratio
Build quality
Remote controller
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