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Emax Tiny Hawk FPV Whoop Review

EMAX Tinyhawk

Emax Tiny Hawk FPV Whoop Review

If you are a drone enthusiast, Emax FPV company might sound familiar to you for sure. They succeed quickly to capture the attention of the user with their well done quadcopters such as the Emax Nighthawk Pro 280 FPV and the babyhawk series. The new Emax Tiny Hawk FPV Whoop has to offer some new impressive features being completely different from their previous models. 

By following this article, you will get to know everything you need about this tiny drone that has already become very popular and loved as well by its users. The Emax Tiny Hawk FPV Whoop features amazing components which makes a top competitor to the other drones at a similar price range. 

So, let’s get started. 


First thing first, we are going to start with the whoop’s packaging, because we consider it to be a very important aspect that pilots should pay attention too before purchasing their future drone. The first thing that makes you fall in love with this drone is its box. The Emax Tiny Hawk comes in a small hard case filled with foam cut out inside in order to keep the drone and its accessories well protected. The box represents a very important aspect to be mentioned offering you a great feeling knowing that is safe when you are carrying it. 

Inside its box, you will find the drone itself along with its 450mAh 1s HV LiPo Battery. Along with an USB charger, a small screwdriver, a spare pack that contains screws, grommets, and a pigtail. The user manual and the Emax Sticker Sheet are in there too.

As we saw, the Emax Tiny Hawk packaging offers a large variety of accessories that will help its users offer long-term resistance to the small drone and enjoy it for a longer time. 

Design and Built-in 

One thing that captures your attention when you first see the Tine Hawk FPV Whoop is how well protected it is. The small drone has a really impressive and beautiful design which makes it unique from the other drones, because the Tiny Hawk’s motors are facing downwards having its propellers underneath while its camera and body are on top, everything being perfectly covered by  a white plastic frame that will ensure it a great resistance to the impacts that may occur. 

Taking a closer look to the drone you will see that it features high quality built in components. The drone’s motors are brushless ones, offering it a greater power than the brushed one and also makes it more efficient. The custom board has the FC, ESC and RX integrated in it and it perfectly fits in the drone’s profile. The F4 processor, the remote channel changing through smart audio and the OSD makes this drone scale up above the standard of the mini drones.

Flight Experience

Tiny Whoops are something incredible, because there is something about them that makes everyone love them and puts a smile on their faces. The whoops are perfect for indoor flying offering to its users a great experience especially when they are Experiencing the FPV, but they are also perfect to fly them outside in different places, such as parks or open fields.

The Tiny Hawk FPV Whoop is a 75 mm drone , making it a little larger than the other whoops you can find on the market. The most impressive feature of this tiny whoop is that it utilizes very powerful 08025 15000KV brushless motors which are the best you can have a drone. These motors will not only make your drone faster and more powerful, but they will also make it more efficient.


The Tiny Hawk also features a solid 600 TVL camera which is connected to a 25 mW transmitter. The camera and the VTX works perfectly through walls around the house and it offers a decent picture quality. There are some users who have been upgrading it but it is not necessary. The whoop’s flight controller is an F4 which has 4 in one ESC and it also supports the newest version of D-shot. Taking all these into account we can proudly say that the Emax Tiny Hawk FPV Whoop is really well made and it offers a large number of high quality components which will help you get the most of your flight experience. 

Battery and other features

When it comes to its battery, the tiny whoop features a 450mAh battery. It will offer you a continuous flight time of around 3 minutes. It is a great flight time for a whoop taking into consideration its size. If somehow you are looking for a longer flight experience you might opt-in for purchasing another battery. So you can switch them with the first one when it runs out of power. 

Comparing it with the other whoops that are available on the market, we can say that the Emax Tiny Hawk is one of the best you can purchase. The drone is very easy to control and it has a great response rate. What makes it special and perfect for beginners and professionals as well is the fact that the whoop is preloaded with 3 types of flight. Such as the advanced one, the intermediate and the beginner one. By knowing that we can conclude that this whoop is a perfect choice for every beginner. It is also great for the ones who want to learn and develop their drone piloting skills. But it is also a great choice for more experienced whoop lovers. 


Taking into consideration every small aspect presented above, we can say that Emax Tiny Hawk FPV Whoop really worths its money. It features amazing and high quality built in components. They offer a great and professional flight experience, being very easy to set up as well. More than that, due its interesting design the drone is very well protected. It is resistant to small accidents and bumps that may occur when you are flying it. So if you are a beginner or even a more experienced whoop enthusiast, the Emax Tiny Hawk FPV Whoop will offer you a great flight experience, an amazing FPV experience and lots of fun as well. 

If the Emax Tiny Hawk captured your attention and you are interested in purchasing it, you can find it on Amazon on the following links: Link 1 or Link 2

FAQ: EMAX Tiny Hawk FPV Whoop

Question: Is this have brushless motors ???


Yes, has brushless motors

Question: How many batteries can it charge at once? Recommendations for am afternarket chargee?


You definitely need another charger and many batteries I use 18 as I’m enjoying this a lot. I use two Venom Racing 0696 each one can charge 4 batteries at the same time. You’ll find cheaper options, don’t make the same mistake as I did and go directly for a better charger. Also I just received my 650mAh batteries from Amazon and are much better than 450mAh stock

Question: Why they say it’s for kids is it cause it’s not a fast drone?


This drone is not recommended for kids, it is a pretty fast drone.

Question: how fas is it?


If I had to guess, up to 25-30 MPH?

Question: Does this drone have a warenty? And who would I go thrue to get it?


there is a 30 day warranty on this product on Amazon. However, the manufacturer which is EMAX USA provides a 1 year warranty.

Question: Can you buy a replacement battery pack and charging cable for the goggles


The goggles are powered by a 18650 flat top battery. You can charge it in a different charger. The Tx uses the same type of battery. It comes with 2 x 18650 batteries pre-installed.

More questions

Question: Can the quad run 2s? What are its flight times?


It can run 2s or 1s. 2s is 3 to 4 minutes indoor. Less out doors.

Question: Can the controller be connected to a computer for practice with a simulator?


Yes! Using betaflight you can connect the drone to the PC. Change a setting and then use the controller with a simulator. It’s exactly how I am learning to fly. Search YouTube for a easy to find how to videos.

Question: Why does the bundle come with a 2s battery if the charger only charges 1s batteries?


It also charge 2s battery, and you can fly the tinyhawk in 1s and 2s.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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emax-tiny-hawk-fpv-whoop-review Emax Tiny Hawk FPV Whoop Review If you are a drone enthusiast, Emax FPV company might sound familiar to you for sure. They succeed quickly to capture the attention of the user with their well done quadcopters such as the Emax Nighthawk Pro 280 FPV...


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