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Emax Nanohawk FPV Quadcopter

Emax Nanohawk FPV

Emax Nanohawk FPV Quadcopter

Drone piloting has become a very popular hobby these days, because it represents a great way of entertainment for everybody. Because of that, there are a large variety of drones on the market and they continue to appear in order to satisfy their user’s demands. Emax Nanohawk FPV Quadcopter is a new drone that came out on the market recently, offering some really impressive features and also due to its small size it is perfect for flying it indoors. 

It is the smallest drone ever created by the Emax company, designed to offer an really impressive flight experience to its users and more than that it also features a camera which can be used to enjoy an amazing First Person View experience. 

Emax Nanohawk FPV Quadcopter has a very beautiful and joyful design, looking pretty similar to the BetaFPV Meteor65 Whoop Drone, but a little more professional. Being made out of Polycarbonate, the drone does not have a very beautiful design but it is also very resistant to small crashes that might occur when you are flying it. It weighs just 20 grams, making it very easy to carry around. Measuring 87 x 87 x 30 mm, the nano drone offers an amazing flight recovery and control being perfect for racing and different kinds of stunts. 

When it comes to the drone’s packaging, the Emax Nanohawk comes in a well made custom package along with 1s/300mAh battery, battery installation rubber bands, a screwdriver and some spare bolts, the 6 channel USB battery charger, two charging cables and two pairs of spare propellers. 

The flight experience this drone has to offer is really amazing, because it features Tiny TH0802 II 19000KV brushless motors which will not only make it faster but they will also make it more efficient. Each one of its motors ends up with a 4-leaf Avia propeller. The new Avia NanoHawk propellers are designed to create better efficiency and greater results offering pilots a way better control of the drone in order to succeed in achieving unique and really impressive flight stunts that can not be executed with other regular propellers. The F4 AIO flight controller features an integrated 5A ESC, a 25 mW 5.8GHz FPV transmitter and a Frsky compatible radio receiver.

More than that, the drone also features the Runcam Nano 3 camera, which comes with a 800TVL high resolution image sensor, which scales the experience to a First Person View drone, pushing the limits further of what drone users know as being possible. 

As we saw above the Emax Nanohawk FPV Quadcopter is a really impressive nano quadcopter that might be one of the best and most performant nano drones comparing it with the other nano drones on the market. It has an incredible design being a perfect mix of professional and joyful. The brushless motors make it offer an incredible flight experience and one of the most important things about this drone is its FPV camera which will offer lots of fun to its users.

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