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HGLRC Parrot120 Pro FPV Racing Quadcopter Review

HGLRC Parrot120 Pro FPV Racing Quadcopter from front

With a new approach on the toothpick style ultra light micro quad, we present to you the HGLRC Parrot120 Pro FPV Racing Quadcopter. The twist on it is that it has bigger motors, with very low KV, and heavier triblade propellers. This combination, among many other impressive specifications, makes the HGLRC Parrot120 Pro a racing and freestyle beast. Curious about how this comes to be?

Wheelbase120 mm
Weight (without battery)76 gr
CameraCaddx Turbo EOS2 FPV
MotorsHF1106, 6000KV


A feature that makes the HGLRC Parrot120 Pro hard to include in the toothpick category is the weight. At 76 grams, it is about 20 grams heavier than what you would call a regular toothpick. Even so, what makes the model interesting is the combination between the HF1106, 6000KV motors and the ”high-pitch”, triblade propellers. Just like its little brother, the HGLRC Parrot 120, it has carbon fiber arms and a 3D printed TPU canopy. This is why the HGLRC Parrot120 Pro is also lightweight (in its own way), durable, and has conveniently integrated mounts for the RX and VTX antennas.

In terms of aspect, the main difference between the two is not only the color, but also the way the Pro version is built. It looks slightly beefier, because of the additional braces. They add a higher degree of stiffness and crash-resilience. Also, on the package of this drone you will not find a battery, but worry not. On the bottom of the drone you will find a rubber tape especially designed for battery mounting.


The camera is good enough for the FPV experience, but nothing more than that. This is because on a sunny day, for example, the colors tend to an overall red tone. Therefore, the quality might be good enough to have some fun, but you should not expect anything Hollywood worthy.

Another disadvantage here is that the camera tilt angle adjustment is very limited. On the bright side, because the canopy is made out of TPU, you could always trim the opening yourself with a pair of cutters.

Flight performance

Because of the 76 grams (without battery), you most likely expect a slow and sluggish quadcopter. Surprisingly enough, this is not the case for the HGLRC Parrot120 Pro, as it proves to be incredibly nimble and an awesome aerobatics machine. Of course, it is not the fastest either, but for our expectations, we were impressed.

If anything, the extra weight is actually a benefit, because it gives the HGLRC Parrot120 Pro more momentum and a longer ”hang” time. Therefore, even inverted moves like the ”split S” and ”inverted yaw” make you feel like you are actually flying a heavier quadcopter. Also, this is where the famous combination between the motors and propellers comes in handy, as it works well for compensating the extra weight.

Considering we just talked about the camera, we can also say that the HGLRC Parrot120 Pro is a smooth flier. We concluded this from the fact that you can notice barely any jello effect in the video. Also, the PID tune is so good out of the box, that you hardly have to make any modifications.

One slight downside from the motors and propellers combination is that you end up with a shorter flight time. As we mentioned before, batteries are not included, so you can see for yourself which would be the best fit. As an example, with a 3S, 300mAh battery, you end up with about 2 and a half minutes of flight. This is considered kind of short, because normally, on a drone with 1103, 8000KV motors and 65 mm propellers, the time would be at least 5 minutes. Even so, many found even this short time so enjoyable that they did not see it as a big issue.

I would like to know…

Are the motors soldered to the board, or are they plugs?

The motors are soldered to the board.

What transmitter could be used with the HGLRC Parrot120 Pro?

Since it has a FRSKY receiver, any FRSKY transmitter should work. The recommended ones are FRSKY X9D or QX7.

Can this drone shoot RAW photos?


What is the recommended battery?

You could try a 3S 300mAh, that will make the HGLRC Parrot120 Pro more nimble, a 450mAh that will offer a longer flight time, or a 4S 650mAh.

The package of the HGLRC Parrot120 Pro includes:

  • Parrot120 frame kit
  • FD411 flight controller
  • FD13A 4 in 1 BLS ESC
  • FD VTX
  • 4 x HF1106 6000KV brushless motors
  • Caddx Turbo EOS2 FPV camera
  • 6 x Gemfan 2540 2.5 inch 3-blade propellers
  • IPEX antenna
  • receiver

Overall, the HGLRC Parrot120 Pro is a great quadcopter option if you are planning to race or become a master in aerobatics. Even if you are not experienced with this, it is not too big of an issue. Because of the sturdy built, this model will be able to withstand a few ugly crashes. If you find it is a good fit for you, you can find it either on Banggod or Amazon for a great deal.

Price-performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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