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Lumenier QAV250 G10 Racing Quadcopter Review

Lumenier QAV250 G10 Racing Quadcopter

The QAV250 G10 Mini FPV Quadcopter ready-to-fly framework from Lumenier is a little lightweight First Person View dashing quad. These little racing drones are becoming more and more popular, for example not so long ago we’ve presented the Hubsan H107D X4 FPV Racing Quadcopter. And now you’ll have the chance to see the Lumenier QAV250 G10 Racing Quadcopter which has a symmetric 250mm size airframe obliges 5″ props while as yet taking into account a completely utilitarian First Person View quadcopter. The 250mm is estimated from engine shaft to engine shaft corner to corner across the airframe. 


  • 2.5D G10 unibody main frame board
  • Integrated power distribution board for ESCs and FPV flight electronics
  • 8x Gemfan 5×3 4x CW, 4x CCW (Colors may vary)
  • 4 Lumenier FXC-1806 2300kv motors
  • 4 Lumenier 12 amp ESCs w/ SimonK AutoShot
  • OpenPilot CC3D Flight Controller (pre-programmed and test flown)
  • 2 LED strips (white and red)
  • Support for 32mm board cams
  • Support for HD cameras such as the Mobius
  • Integrated Landing Gear
  • RC Transmitter/Receiver sold separately (Spectrum DX6i or similar)
  • FPV board camera sold separately
  • FPV transmitter/receiver sold separately


The QAV250 G10 is intended to help a 3s LiPo battery, the prepared to fly form is completely constructed, test flown, and accompanies everything to make you go, you simply need to add a battery and radio gear and you’re all set 

The G10 QAV250 isn’t just lightweight however offers extraordinary accident opposition which comes from the fundamental edge board being made in one complete part including the arms, this is known as the Unibody. There are landing legs that are introduced on the arms, these can be taken out whenever required. The engine mounting focuses have been sliced into the casing arms to permit various engine overhaul choices if necessary, each arm has an extra scarcely any mm’s or material which will permit the engines to be shielded from thumps and knocks. 

Lumenier QAV250-G10 Engine

There are 2 force dissemination loads up coordinated into the QAV250 prepared to fly framework, this implies that the airframe has simple association focuses and design of the gadgets for the ESC’s, and the First Person View framework is spread out in an exceptionally smaller arrangement. There are two LED sheets for the visual route which help with the direction of the art when not utilizing with FPV gear, these are white and red in shading. The flight controller cover load-up has patterns for SMA connectors and connectors utilized with FPV gear. 

Lumenier QAV250-G10-RTF Mini Quadcopter RTF

The airframe of the QAV250 G10 is just 170 grams, this incorporates landing legs, LEDs and force sheets. The suggested battery for the QAV250 is a 3s lipo with the most extreme elements of 70 x 32 x 22 mm’s with a 35 C rating. The suggested all-up weight on the QAV250 for take-off is 540 grams. 

Cameras upheld on the QAV250 are 32mm board cameras and other little cased cameras like the Fat Shark Pilot HD V2 720p HD FPV Camera with a mounting section,/velcro or Mobius cameras can be carried on the QAV250 frameworks.

How to add a radio controller 

Step by step instructions to add your own radio controller framework: 

  • The included Naze32 flight controller comes pre-streaked with the most recent rendition of Baseflight. You can download the product here. 
  • The CC3D flight controller accompanies a multi-link that you should embed into your RC RX. Utilize these link tones from the CC3D and supplement them into your RX like so: 
  • Dark/Red/White Cable: Aileron 
  • Blue: Elevator 
  • Yellow: Throttle 
  • Green: Rudder 
  • Orange: a 3 position flight mode switch. The CC3D is modified for 1.) Rate, 2.) Weak Level Mode, 3.) Attitude Mode 
  • Purple: Not utilized

The CC3D board has effectively been pre-customized for you and test flown, so the entirety of the tuning is now accomplished for you. Don’t re-streak the board with new programming without first support up the settings or you will lose the pre-modified settings. 

At the point when you get the RTF all, you need to do it introduce your radio beneficiary into the QAV250 (try to tie your collector to your radio), and afterward, plug in the CC3D board to your PC whenever you’ve downloaded and introduced the GCS programming. (Continuously ensure you eliminate all propellers when programming) Do not run the “Vehicle Setup Wizard” which will have you reflash the board and wipe every one of the settings we as of now have accomplished for you. 

Rather go to the “Setup” tab on the base, then, at that point to the “Info” tab on the upper left. In this menu, you’ll see a choice to run the “Start Configuration Wizard” which will walk you through the means to arrange your radio with the CC3D board. Complete this wizard and whenever you’re done you can set your “Outfitting Settings”. Flight modes have effectively been pre-designed, yet you can change those in the event that you like. Presently you’re completely done!


What specific motors, ESCs, and flight controllers does this come with?

it comes with 1806-14 2300kv motors, 12A simonk escs, and a cc3d flight controller, which is preloaded by Lumenier. 

How fast does it go? 

Roughly between 50 to 60 mph. 

How much channel radio do I need I already have a spectrum dx6i is that good enough?

I’m using a dx6i myself w/o any issues. 

What type of batteries, radio, and FPV gear do I need to buy before I can fly it?

I have a radio and goggles, you need 1300mah 3-4 cell lipo batteries. 

Does this version has replaceable arms? think yes, since the g10 frame? and if I buy the RTF kit, do I only need goggles for the FPV flight?

I wouldn’t worry too much about breaking an arm. They are very strong. You will need to buy a mini camera, video transmitter, and goggle or monitor with the built-in receiver to fly FPV.

If you’re interested, you can buy the drone from Amazon or GetFPV.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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lumenier-qav250-g10-racing-quadcopter-review The QAV250 G10 Mini FPV Quadcopter ready-to-fly framework from Lumenier is a little lightweight First Person View dashing quad. These little racing drones are becoming more and more popular, for example not so long ago we’ve presented the Hubsan H107D X4 FPV Racing Quadcopter....


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