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DJI Mavic Mini Vs DJI Spark

DJI Mavic Mini Vs DJI Spark

DJI Mavic Mini Vs DJI Spark

When it comes to good quality and portable drones, DJI has some excellent options for you. The Spark and the Mavic Mini are both very popular and excellent drones on the market. They both have a lot of intelligent flight options, and specs.

In 2017 when DJI launched Spark, it was the best mini drone packed with plenty of fun flight opportunities. After a couple of years, the mini drone market has once again been redefined when they released the Mavic Mini. It had an innovative ultralight design, a 2.7K Quad HD camera, and the brand new DJI Fly app. Therefore Mavic Mini was the perfect drone for everyday content creators. But for some of us the question still remains, which drone should I buy? They both have their pros and cons, but in this article, we will try to help you make a decision in the DJI Mavic Mini Vs DJI Spark race.


The drones build and therefore it’s portability depends on the combination of weight and the foldable features. Spark has a lightweight weight of 300 g, which is a very decent weight for a mini drone. Although Mavic Mini weighs even less, it’s only 250 grams and features foldable arms that allow it to be conveniently stored in small places. Therefore in the design section when it comes to portability, Mavic Mini takes the leading position.


Talking about image quality both of them feature a 1/2.3-inch 12MP sensor camera. These are some excellent imaging capabilities for creating amazing footage wherever you find yourself.

The Mavic Mini features a 3-axis motorized gimbal, which secures footage across the yaw, pitch, and roll axis. Spark has only a 2-axis gimbal, which helps you only with pitch and roll axis.

DJI Mavic Mini Review

In the video section, Mavic Mini is capable of 2.7 K Quad HD videos, letting you transform any moment into a precious memory. On the other side, Spark is capable of only 1080p video and 12MP stills which suits the beginners better.

Intelligent Features

Even though they are entry-level camera drones, Spark is packed with a lot of intelligent features like ActiveTrack, TapFly, QuickShots, and Gesture mode. Mavic Mini also has QuickShots like Dronie, Rocket, and more, giving your shots to look like they came from a Hollywood set. It also has FlyCam which can be accessed through the app and offers a simplified flight experience, ideal for beginners. It was created with an incredible simple user interface, it has creative pre-made templates, and editing tools, so you can edit your videos in no time.

Flight experience

When it comes to flight experience, the Mavic Mini is loaded with plenty of power, with up to 30minutes max flight time and a 4km FPV transmission range which should be more than enough for every content creator. On the other hand, Spark, offers only a maximum of 16 minutes of flight time with a 2km FPV capability. But these numbers can be influenced by the environment you are flying your drone. 

Obstacle avoidance

Obstacle avoidance is a very popular feature and it’s really useful especially if you’re a beginner. Pilots who might be worried about crashing their drones due to their lack of experience are very grateful for this feature.

The Mavic Mini has two sensors on the bottom, these are for landing and sensing direction downward. The Spark, on the other hand, does have a bit more sensors that can sense direction downwards and forwards as well. This allows it to use obstacle avoidance. Therefore it’s a bit safer.

Wrap up

Here’s a table about each one’s speck to get yourself a clearer view.

Mavic MiniSpark
Foldable designYesNo
Sensor1/2.3-inch 1/2.3-inch 
AppDJI FlyDJI Go 4
Intelligent featuresYesYes
Flight time30 min16 min
FPV Range4Km2Km
Sensors2 (only down)5 (down and forwards)

So the conclusion of this DJI Mavic Mini Vs DJI Spark is that the Spark is a little more beginner-friendly, while the Mavic mini is a little bit more professional. But if you think about yourself as a beginner and you want to go with the Mavic Mici you’re good to go. They are both great small size drones that are great for day-to-day use especially if you attend an event. But to be honest we’re used for this from DJI. If you’re interested in the drones you can check out the price of Mavic Mini on the Official DJI Store and Amazon and the Spark from DJI and Amazon.

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