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Dji is a chinese company that was founded in 2006. Among drone enthusiasts Dji is a very respected and acclaimed company. They are known for their quality and innovation and at this moment Dji is one of the top drone brands. Their flagship products are the Phantom series.

At the moment the best known and the most acclaimed Dji product is the Phantom 4.

Chinese Businessperson Frank Wang said about the Phantom 4: β€œThe sexiest drone that DJI ever designed, welcome to the era of VISION.”

Some of their other products include: The Phantom 3, the Phantom 2, the Phantom 1 and also they have the β€œInspire 1” series which were also welcomed by drone enthusiasts.

In addition, they also produce accessories for drones. They produce accessories specifically made for the Phantom Series and they produce accessories specifically made for the Inspire Series.

Recently they unveiled their handheld support for mobile devices, the Osmo Mobile which helps you get smooth looking videos and photographs with your phone.

They also produce the Ronin series, which is also a handheld device that you can use with your video camera in order to get smooth looking videos.

The Dji website also hosts a forum, the Dji Forum specifically made for the Dji community to share their ideas and to get help when needed.

You can find more info on the DJI website, and more products and accessories on Amazon.

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