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Syma Drone Brand

Syma Drone Brand

Syma Toys is a Chinese drone manufacturer located in the city of Shantou. Syma products are a popular choice among drone enthusiasts as they are known for their quality. In their early years they were pretty unknown on the market but recently they gained popularity because of their flagship product, the Syma X5C.

Syma toys have a number of drones in their catalogue, they categorise their products in 3 categories: FPV Quadcopter, Quadcopter and Helicopter.

In the FPV Quadcopter category you can find drones such as: the Syma X5UW, Syma X5HW, Syma X14W, Syma X5SW and Syma X54HW.

In the Quadcopter category Syma lists a high number of drones, such as: Syma X8HG, Syma X5UC, Syma X5SC, Syma X13, Syma X12S, Syma X11C and many others.

Syma Toys also manufacture Helicopter toys, in this category you can find products such as: Syma S39, Syma S111G, Syma S109G, Syma S108G, Syma S107C, Syma S026G and Syma S5.

You can find more information on the Syma Toys official website and on Amazon.



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