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Best DJI Mavic Pro Alternatives 2021


Best DJI Mavic Pro Alternatives 2021

Yes, the DJI Mavic Pro is a stunning quadcopter. It has everything you could ever wish for, from design to specifications. But what is its biggest downside? Well, we all know it by now, the price. This is not to say that this drone is somehow overestimated, considering how qualitative it is, the price is definitely fair. It’s just that not many can afford to pay it, and for them, we came forward with a solution. This is why we brought together some of the Best DJI Mavic Pro Alternatives 2021. This way, everyone can enjoy the fun!

Eachine E58


Definitely the closest model there is to the Mavic Pro. So close that some people even call it its long lost brother, and we can definitely see why. They both have the same folding feature, the same remote drone control support, and even the same overall design. This being said, here is the obvious advantage: it is considerably cheaper than the Mavic Pro, but it does not show it on its performance. Therefore, this is the number 1 alternative we found, as it has high wind resistance, a great battery life, and easy accessibility, everything topped with an accessible price. 

Tomzon D65 GPS

The second place is proudly taken by the Tomzon, which came forward with the D65 GPS model- one of the best Mavic Pro clones you can find. The first thing that indicates the quality of this quadcopter is the durable frame construction, which makes the drone almost invincible towards crashes. Moving forward, the design gets even more convenient as you can easily fold up the drone and fit it in your backpack. 


Moving on to the specifications, the 4K UHD camera and 120 degrees field of view lens allow you to record an incredible high-quality footage, that includes even the smallest detail. You also benefit from a 20 minute flight time and just a 3 hour charging time, together with an extra battery to double up the playtime. The flying modes that this drone comes with include Circle Flying, Automatic Return Home, Follow Me and Gesture Control. The full package!

Holy Stone HS720


Holy Stone is not exactly a top brand (as not many are, compared to DJI), but it can definitely deliver a quite decent competition to the Mavic Pro. This is because it is highly responsive, easy to maneuver and also performs good in windy weather. Even more, the 12MP camera is more than decent, capable of shooting 1080p videos and transmitting live videos. This, together with 26 minutes of flight time, an impressive range of 1600 meters and a great package of intelligent modes like Follow Me, Custom Flight Path, GPS, and automatic takeoff and landing, make a great job at imitating the Mavic Pro, but at a lower cost.

Goolsky Attop XT-1


Besides being affordable and a great dupe for the Mavic, this drone is also beginner friendly. With a 2MP camera under 720HD, it creates a fairly good aerial image. It also has a reliable 2.4GHz frequency that stands tall against interference, while also providing a good high-low speed switch. Thanks to this, the drone is great for both indoor and outdoor use. Besides all of this, it is also foldable, just as the Mavic, so you will not have to worry about transportation. 

Hubsan Zino


A slightly pricier alternative compared to the others, but definitely worth the money. This drone is foldable and offers a wide range of features. Some of them include a 4K Ultra HD camera, which makes it possible for you to create cinematic masterpieces. It also has an impressive top speed of 37 km/h. This 5G enabled drone also offers a great FPV live video sharing experience, which you will hardly ever get enough of. The 23 minutes flight time and 4 km control range are more than enough for a drone with a price as this one. The intelligent flying modes included are Waypoint, Follow Me, Orbit, Panorama, Headless Mode, Line Fly Mode, and the list keeps on going! Another thing you can do is fly the drone in either Sport or Standard mode, depending on your preferences.

Snaptain A15


As full of features as the Mavic, this alternative is a great way to escape the ordinary. The best perks this drone can offer you are exclusive voice control, a 120 degrees wide-angle 720p HP camera. It also has a G-Sensor, the ability to perform 3D flips, altitude hold, a headless modem, and the convenient one key return. Even with all these abilities, the main factor that makes you forget about the Mavic, is the incredible price, just below 100$. Need we say more?

Contixo F24


What sets this drone apart from all the other ones is that is larger than usual body. That proves to be highly efficient in windy conditions. Still, it is considered a medium sized drone, so you will not need to worry about transport. Especially because it comes with a nice backpack for this. Setting this aside, the features are also something to be impressed with. The 2.7K HD, wide-angle camera, paired with GPS, gesture control, Orbit mode, Follow Me, Waypoint, and a 30 minute flight time put it at the top of its class. One of the few disadvantages is the absence of a stabilization gimbal. So you might encounter the jello effect on some of your videos. Even so, the overall quality is rather decent and will please every pilot who is happy to call drone flying their hobby. 


In conclusion, these are the best alternatives we could find for the famous DJI Mavic Pro, each having different advantages. Therefore, you can decide for yourself which of them is the best fit for you. While bringing you a step closer to the Mavic Pro experience. Of course, all of this without leaving you wallet bone dry. We can’t think of a better match of factors!

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