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Tomzon D65 Quadcopter Review


Tomzon D65 Quadcopter Review

Tomzon D65 Quadcopter is an amazing small drone that comes with plenty of features in order to offer to its users a great flight experience that we’ll highlight in this review. It comes with a beautiful grey colour and very interesting design pretty similar with the popular DJI Mavic 2 Pro Quadcopter

Following this article you will find out all you need to know about the Tomzon D65 Quadcopter in order to see if it is the right drone for you. We will talk about each important aspect of this drone starting with its design and ending with its performance, so we will discover what kind of user it is best suited for. 

Design & built-in 

As we said before Tomzon D65 comes with a very beautiful design, having a grey color that offers it a very professional look. One important aspect about this drone is that it is foldable, so it will be easy for you to carry it from one place to another wherever you want. The drone is made out of high quality ABS plastic so you don’t  have to worry about the small impacts, because it is very resistant and also its electronic parts are well protected. It weighs 195 grams, so you will not require FAA registration. 

It’s high quality camera is situated in the front of the drone, giving you the opportunity to shoot great pictures and create impressive video footage easily. We can say that D65 has a great aspect, perfect a beginner user but also for a more advanced drone enthusiast. 


When you purchase this drone, you will be surprised to see the accessories that come along with it. First of all, inside of the box you find the entire drone placed in its beautiful carrying case, in order to help you carry it in safe mode. Secondly, another important aspect that you should take into consideration is that this drone comes with 2 batteries offering you much longer flight experience. In the box you will also find its beautiful remote controller, 4 prop guards, the charging cable for the controller, the charging cable for the batteries, 2 spare propellers and the user manual, that will help you get more information about the drone. 


As we mentioned previously, the Tomzon D65 Quadcopter comes with 2 batteries. The 7.4 volt 2s LiPo 1300 milliamp batteries are both fully charged, so you can get a first flight session as you unpack the drone. 

Tomzon D65 Quadcopter Package Review

Each battery will offer you a great 20 minutes of flight time, so having two batteries you will get a total of 40 minutes of flight experience. It is a great time for a drone, especially if you are looking for creating video or photo content.  You can charge the batteries outside the drone because they are modular. The biggest advantage of these modular batteries is that you can charge a battery while using another one for flying. Once one of them is out of power, you can rapidly switch it with the other one to continue your flight experience. 

Remote controller 

The remote controller that Tomzon D65 quadcopter comes with has a very beautiful look and it has a simplistic look, making it easy to use even by inexperienced drone users. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and its own charging cable. On the controller you can also find important buttons in order to control the quadcopter more easily. For a better flight experience it has a smartphone holder and it is pretty light in weight. 


Tomzon D65 Quadcopter comes with a really impressive 4k camera, perfect for taking high quality aerial shots and videos. The 4k camera of this drone will capture the photos and the videos you want with a movie quality at a resolution of 3840 by 2160P.

Another great advantage of this camera is that it is adjustable, so you can easily adjust it vertically over 90 degrees using the remote controller. The FPV distance is 300 meters, which is a good enough distance, in order to get impressive videos and photo shots of you, your friends and family.

To end this chapter, we can say that the Tomzon D65’s camera is a really impressive one, knowing that drones at similar budget have a lower quality camera. Because of that we can say that D65 is perfect for beginners, photographers but also professional drone pilots. 

Flight functions 

In order to get better aerial shots and videos this drone comes in hand with a large variety of flight modes that you can choose from. Down below you will find all the flight modes that this drone is going to offer, in order to get an amazing flight experience.

  • Circle mode 

Circle mode is a very helpful mode for getting impressive video footage of a specific object. You just have to set a landmark and the drone will start flying around it. Using this mode you can take advantage and focus more on the angles of the picture for more professional results. 

  • Follow me mode 

This is one of the best modes to use if you are a sport enthusiast. Setting the D65 on follow me mode, it will lock onto you and start following you. You don’t have to worry because the drone will maintain a respectful distance from you.

  • Optical flow positioning 

Another very important mode that you can find on the D65 drone is the Optical flow positioning. This is important because it will help you in taking smooth videos and photos. Using this mode the drone will maintain a certain height and will keep it steady while hovering.

Tomzon D65
  • Gesture shooting mode 

A helpful way of taking great video and photo footage is Gesture shooting mode. Simply raise the victory sign and the drone will start taking photos and by raising your palm for 3 seconds the drone will start recording. This mode will help you take the best selfies with your friends or your family. 

  • MV mode and image filter 

You can find great photo filters and music to add on your footage by opening the drone’s app. You can also share it on social media in order to impress your friends with your hiqh quality footage.

  • Return home 

Last but not least, the return home feature is a very important feature that will help you not lose your drone. For example, if the drone loses the signal, it will come back to you automatically. Same will be when it will run out of battery. This feature has a critical importance because you will not have to worry anymore about losing your drone. 


To sum up the review, the Tomzon D65 Quadcopter is a really impressive drone designed both for beginners or even more professional users. It is very easy to use, and because it is made of ABS Plastic it is also very resistant. Taking into consideration its flight features and its price too, we can say that D65 is going to be a great choice and you can be sure that you will not regret it. 

If this amazing quadcopter captured your attention, and you are thinking about purchasing it, you can find it at a great price on Amazon.

FAQ: Tomzon D65 Quadcopter

Question: What is the flying range?

Answer: The fly distance of this drone is 1148ft(350m) and the FPV distance is 984ft(300m).

Question: Does it have avoidance?

Answer: Sorry this model of drone have no obstacle avoidance function yet.

Question: Does this drone have brushless motors?

Answer: Yes this GPS Drone with camera for adults is equipped with brushless motors. Thank you for your question and feel free to contact us via Amazon if you have any further question.

Question: What’s the flight time and are the batteries rechargeable? If yes how long it will take to charge full?

Answer: Yes the battery is rechargeable.It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the drone and about 1 hour for the remote. The flight time is about 20 minutes.

Question: Does it accept SD card?

Answer: Yes, this model of drone can use SD card and supports memory cards with a capacity of up to 64 GB.

Question: Where can I get an extra battery for the D65 drone?

Answer: We are arranging the reshipment of the extra battery, it might take a few weeks, would you please pay attention to the link?

Price–performance ratio
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Play time
Remote controller
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tomzon-d65-quadcopter-review Tomzon D65 Quadcopter Review Tomzon D65 Quadcopter is an amazing small drone that comes with plenty of features in order to offer to its users a great flight experience that we'll highlight in this review. It comes with a beautiful grey colour and very interesting...


  1. Great information. I just bought one of these after poured over many of the small drones so as to not bother with having to register one. I wonn only be using it around home. I’m not an experienced drone pilot, so for me this looks like a great beginners drone. The information here will help me get started.


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