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Eachine e59 mini


If the holidays have passed and you have not received your desired gift, you could choose yourself! And why not, this gift might be a great one, if you’re a beginner or a refill of the stock if you’re experienced in the world of drones. Eachine e59 mini could be a good an example at an extraordinarily low price for an extraordinary little drone. A perfect gift for fun with friends.

Available in two colors, red and green, the Eachine E59 mini is acceptable as the price and even if it is very small sized will provide you with a fun atmosphere.

Nowadays, many people, regardless of their age, consider games on PC or mobile  phones the best way to relax. An alternative, however, could be drones, they can be used both indoors and outdoors and are perfect even for beginners, drones being so evolved that it is extremely simple to use.

E59 mini details

● Compact size with foldable arms;
● 6-axis gyro-stabilization;
● 3D flips and rolls;
● Headless flight mode;
● One key return to home;
● LED lights for night flights.

Newbies have the advantage of easily using this drone not only thanks to the headless flight mode but also with the help of 6-axis gyro-stabilization, which together make flying easy.

Measuring in folded size only 6.3 x 6.3 x 3.1 cm fit in your palm without problems, these measures rather more a toy for children than an exciting gadget, however they can also use children over 14 years with simplicity, and adults will find a fun new hobby incorporated in the E59 mini.

The exact orientation during the flight will be known to you all the time because the front propellers are red/green and the rear ones are black; also 5 LEDs indicate the same, 3 white LEDs are facing forward and 2 red ones in the back.

You have offered 5 minutes of flight due to the 200 mAh LiPo battery, but this is a built-in one so can’t be changed, you will need a 50 minute break until the battery recharges and you can “play” again.
One of the negative points could be that the E59 mini doesn’t have a camera, but considering the price, you will find really hard a drone with camera.

Due to its extremely small size, outdoor flight is recommended only in days when weather is favorable, meaning no wind and precipitation. Indoor it flies steadily and nicely. It can be controlled easily and at a higher speed it even becomes very sporty.


● Affordable pocket size foldable drone;
● Different color props for front and rear;
● Headless flight mode;
● Power switch.


● Built-in battery;
● Poor wind resistance.

In the end

It is clear that those who want a ‘photo drone’ will look for the details of this model in vain, but those who want a small gadget for fun will find E59 mini in stores at an extremely low price. More details about the price you can find on Aliexpress.

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