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Potensic D68 4k Quadcopter Deal


Potensic D68 4k Quadcopter Deal

Looking for a drone that records great footage at 4k resolution? First thing that comes to your mind when you hear about a 4k camera drone is that it should be pretty expensive. But, nowadays it is not like that anymore. Thanks to the Potensic company you don’t have to pay a huge amount of money in order to get your dream drone that can record impressive videos, can take great photos and also can offer you lots of great memories and lots of fun. If this drone already captured your attention, following this article you get the opportunity to find out all you have to know about the Potensic D68 Quadcopter Deal. 


The drone itself has a great quadcopter design with 4 foldable rotors and it looks very similar with the Yuneec Mantis Q drone. It has a great 4k camera in front and the 90 degrees adjustment lens helps you see the world with a multi-angle. 

Being a foldable drone, it makes perfect for carrying it from one place to another whenever you want.


Potensic D68 4k Quadcopte comes with a big carrying case in order to make it easier to take it with you. The carrying case is big enough for the drone and all its accessories together. Also, it is very resistant, so you have to worry about the drone as long as it is in the case.

The packaging includes the drone’s carrying case, the drone itself, a 2600mAh battery, the drone’s controller, 2 extra propellers, the USB type C charging cable and the user manual.  

Taking into consideration its advantageous price this drone comes with plenty of accessories. 


The drone comes with a 2600mAh battery that offers you up to 25 minutes of flight time per charge. It is a good time for a drone, but you want to get a longer flying experience. I suggest you purchase another battery, so you can switch them when the first is done.

Potensic D68


One of the biggest advantages of this drone is represented by its powerful high quality 4k camera. Helps you realize the video and photographing footage you always wished for. It also comes with 5G WIFI that transmits high quality live video with no delay.

The Gimbal Stabilization helps the drone offer a great high quality and stabilized footage. It also has an adjustable 90 degrees angle that will help you capture videos from different angles. The picture resolution is 3840 X 2140 P and its video resolution is 2048 X 1152 P  

Taking all of these features into consideration, we can say that the potensic D68 4k Quadcopter has an impressive camera that will satisfy your quality preferences for sure. 

Flight modes 

This impressive drone also has different flight modes that you can use in order to get a remarkable video and photographic footage.

The Orbit Flight will help you create a perfect circle video. To use this mode you have to set a point on the drones’s app map, and the drone will fly circles around that point with its camera aiming on it. That will help you to get better video footage.

Another interesting feature that D68 Quadcopter comes with is the Custom Path Flight. This is a very useful and interesting feature that will help you to focus more on the camera control in order to get more complex photos. If you want to use this flight mode, you have to simply draw a path on the screen and the drone will follow it keeping its altitude locked. 

The drone comes with a built in GPS so that it can come back to you when the signal is low so chances to lose it are very low. Due to its 4 rotors, the drone is capable of moving at 40 km/h so you can have lots of fun with it. It is a pretty big flight flight speed for a drone as affordable as this one. 

Potensic D68 4k Quadcopter New Deal

The 5G WIFI represents a big plus for this drone, because it offers it a great transmission so you don’t have to worry about losing signal. And it also makes it easier to control. So even if you are a beginner or a more experienced drone enthusiast, for sure this drone will give a great impression.


Taking into consideration all the specifications and features presented above, we can firmly say that Potensic D68 4K Quadcopter is a really good deal for every drone enthusiast. It comes with great features and great quality built in products of this drone makes it a great product. So, if you are interested in purchasing an affordable drone that can record impressive 4k footage, with a good top speed and a great battery life, this is the one you are looking for. For sure you will not regret your decision. 

You can find the Potensic D68 Quadcopter Deal on Amazon.

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