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Xiro Xplorer 2 Quadcopter Review


Xiro Xplorer 2 Quadcopter Review Introduction

Xplorer 2 is the newest quadcopter made by XiroDrone. Xiro Xplorer 2 Quadcopter has a beautiful design made of carbon and plastic. This model weighs 1,400 grams.

Remote controller Xiro Xplorer 2 Quadcopter

Flight details

Xiro Xplorer 2 quadcopter disappoints me with a very low horizontal speed( 8 m/s ). This is one of the lowest speed of drones from 2016. However, Xplorer 2 has a plus in operational distance. It can be operated from a distance of 1000 metres.


Like Xiro Xplorer V, Xplorer 2 can fly maximum 25 minutes. It’s a very good time for a drone and I consider this is among a few plus of Xplorer 2.


This drone has a 12 megapixels camera, which is lower than the camera from Xiro Xplorer V. Even though it has a worse camera, Xplorer 2 make better videos, in 4k format.4K Gimbal Camera- Xiro Xplorer 2

Xiro Xplorer 2 Review Conclusion

DJI Phantom 4 Drone Review - DesignMaybe, the guys from Xiro made a slower drone with a camera worse because otherwise Xplorer 2 could not make 4k videos. I think this choice will has a bad influence, because Xplorer 2 probably has a stronger opponent named Phantom 4. With a same price, Phantom 4 has better specifications: is faster, has more autonomy, the same camera and also can make 4k videos. I would choose it if I have to choose between it and Xplorer 2.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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