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Xiro Xplorer Mini Quadcopter Review

Xiro Xplorer Mini Quadcopter Review

Xiro Xplorer Mini Quadcopter with Camera Review

This quadcopter is part of a the mini range and it is best suited if you want to fly it at low altitudes and close distances. Xiro Xplorer Mini Quadcopter can be controlled through a smartphone available both on Android and iOS.
Xiro Xplorer Mini Quadcopter
It can capture videos at 1080p and it is stabilized by GPS. It’s one of the most stable drones out there. It responds very well to its controls and it gives the user a great pleasure to fly it. However, there is a slight detail that is a bit unpleasant for us and that is the video quality, which isn’t the best.

Apart from that, we can say that this drone is really nice.


Xiro Xplorer Mini Quadcopter Dimensions
This drone is small, measuring only 2.2 by 12.2 by 12.2 inches and it weighs 15.2 ounces. The colours of the drone are black and yellow.


This drone is very easy to be controlled. It flies smoothly and even as a beginner you can try it and start off with this drone. However, Xiro Xplorer Mini Quadcopter is a bit on the pricier side, so it might not be that suited for beginners. The flying time of this drone is for 15 minutes, which is quite good, considering the fact that the average flying time of a quadcopter if about 7 to 8 minutes.


This is a good drone that you can buy with confidence. It’s easy to control, it’s very resistant so it survives hard crashes and it is very fun to fly it. It has a very nice design, the battery is holding up really well, 15 minutes as said above. Overall, we consider that this drone is worth those $499 you pay for it. It has good specifications and the only inconvenience we had about it was the bad quality of the video recording, the rest was really good.
Xiro Xplorer Mini Quadcopter Package Content

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