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DEERC D15 Quadcopter Review

DEERC D15 Quadcopter Review

DEERC D15 Quadcopter Review

If you would like a quadcopter that offers impressive features such as a good 4k camera, great flight functions, electronic image stabilization, along with many other important functions and also at an affordable price, then DEERC D15 Quadcopter might be one of the best choices for you. 

In today’s article we are going to discuss in detail all the important details like design, built-in components, packaging, flight experience and many other important aspects, in order to figure out what makes the DEERC D15 Quadcopter special among its users. Following this article you get the opportunity to know everything you need about this quadcopter, so can make sure if it suits your needs or not. So let’s begin. 


First thing first, we would like to start reviewing the drone’s box and the accessories that come along with it. We consider this to be a very important topic to discuss in order to be aware of what extra accessories you will receive when you are going to purchase this drone. 

The DEERC D15 Quadcopter comes in its beautiful personalized box that offers it a very professional first impression. Inside its box you will also find its remote controller along with a battery, 4 x spare propellers in case you accidentally break the first ones, an USB charging cable and the user manual that will help understand all the small details. 

Design and built-in 

DEERC D15 Quadcopter comes with an amazing design that offers it a very professional look and it looks very similar to the popular Holy Stone HS700D Quadcopter. Being a quadcopter it has 4 rotor arms, each of them having a brushless motor at their end. Brushless motors are the best you can have on a drone, due to their efficiency and also they offer way more power than the previous motor models used on drones. 

DEERC D15 Quadcopter Design and Features

The drone is made out of high quality ABS plastic offering it a very high resistance to almost any kind of accidents or shocks that will occur when you are flying it. Also another accessory that increases the drone’s protection is its landing legs. The landing legs not only offer it an amazing look, but they also protect the drone’s camera from being hit when you are landing the drone. D15 measures 15 x 15 x 5 inches and it weights 548g, so we can say that it is a medium size drone. Unfortunately, the drone is not foldable, so carrying with you wherever you go might not be as easy as it would be with a foldable drone, but taking into consideration its size and weight carrying it should not represent a hard task. 

As we can see the DEERC D15 Quadcopter offers not only great esthetic features but also high quality built in components that makes it very performant and easy to use for every user. 


DEERC D15 Quadcopter Camera

The DEERC D15 Quadcopter’s main feature is its camera. It comes with a 4K UHD camera that is also equipped with an electronic image stabilization that will help you capture amazingly smooth aerial photos and videos. The footage will not be distorted because the EIS will correct that everytime your drone shakes. 

The camera offers an impressive field of view at 130 degrees that works perfectly for the FPV transmission and it is also vertically adjustable to 90 degrees, so you can capture the best view angles with it. The maximum range for the FPV is around 500 meters, which is a great distance. 

You can save you footage directly on your smartphone but the quality will be only 1080p. If you would like to get your footage in 4K quality you will have to use an SD card and store them on it. 

Battery and flight time 

DEERC D15 Quadcopter comes with a 7.4V 2800mAh modular battery that will offer you a total flight time of around 22 minutes. It is a great time for a drone at its price. The battery is very easy and safe to use, so removing when is out of battery should not be a problem. 

If you are looking for a longer flight experience we recommend you to purchase another battery, so that your drone’s flight time doubles up. Being a modular battery it is very easy to switch it, so when your first battery runs out of power you can easily switch it with the second one in order to get a longer experience. 

Flight modes and performance

Flying the DEERC D15 Quadcopter is amazing. It offers a great and smooth flight experience for its user, being very easy to control. It is perfect for every beginner but also for more experienced users. 

Another great advantage of this drone is that it also provides important flight modes for its user, that will help them fly it more efficiently and also to capture better aerial photos and videos.  

Return home function 

This function is a very important safe function to have on a drone, because it reduces the risk of losing it. When the drone’s battery is low or when you push the return home button, the drone will come back to you by itself. 

Double position hold 

The D15 comes with altitude hold and also with optical flow that will help you capture amazing steady pictures and videos. Also it is an important feature to have if you want to practice your flying skills. 

Route flight mode 

Using this function you can program your drone to follow a certain path at your choice. In order to create the path you need to use the drone’s app. This mode will help you pay more attention to the quality of your pictures, because the drone will fly by itself. 

Follow me mode 

Follow me mode is another important feature that will offer you a great help for creating impressive video footage. If you are an outdoor spor enthusiast or you simply want to record your activity, you can use the follow me mode for the best results. In order to use this mode, you will have to select an object and the drone will start following it maintaining a decent distance from it. 

GPS return 

This is another great safety function in order to make sure you will never lose your drone. When the signal power is low or your drone is out of range, it will return back to its controller. 

Orbit mode 

It is a great feature to use for creating beautiful video or photo footage. Select an object and the drone will start flying around it, facing it with its camera. 


To sum up, the DEERC D15 Quadcopter has an amazing design and it comes in an amazing packaging with great accessories on the side. Its built-in materials are amazing making it very resistant and also very performant. Due to its great 4K camera we can say that the quadcopter can help you create great memories with your loved ones. It is also special due to its flight modes that make it very easy to control and because of that we can say that the DEERC D15 Quadcopter is an amazing drone that can perfectly match with every beginner or more experienced drone user. 

If you are interested in purchasing this drone, you can find it at an amazing price on amazon.

FAQ: DEERC D15 Quadcopter

Question: What app is used for this drone? My phone is a Samsung S20


M RC Pro

Question: is the video recording in 4k? camera image 4k


You can set the video for either 1080 or 4K. To save 4k video you must store on sd cards. Default is 4K. The camera is 3840×2160 if you are saving to sd card and 1920×1080 if stored on phone

Question: Does the camera have a gimbal?


The camera is mounted in flexible rubber mounts and has an EIS processor built in (electronic image stabilization) The camera also moves from -90-0 degrees.

Question: Does this come with a battery? can i order an extra battery?


The on that I ordered came with one battery. DeeRc also sell a model with two batteries. I’m sure they will also be listing extra batteries and parts at some point.

Question: Is this a good drone for someone who is inexperienced with drones?


It was very easy to fly. I suggest reading the instructions several times and follow the start up procedure that’s in the manual.

Question: Do you need a phone with 5G to use this?


No. The 5G refers to how the drone connects to the controller via wifi, nothing to do with the phone you have. I have an older Motorola E5-Plus and it works fine.

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