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Eachine Trashcan Racing Quadcopter Review

Eachine Trashcan Racing Quadcopter

Eachine Trashcan Racing Quadcopter Review

The Eachine Trashcan Racing Quadcopter is an amazing FPV tiny whoop that will offer you lots of fun and will make you love it from first sight. This drone comes with some upgraded amazing components and specifications being a strong competitor to the popular Mobula 7

This drone comes with more powerful motors, a newer F4 flight controller that will help you get amazing control over the drone, brushless motors, and many other important features that we will discuss in this article. So, if you are interested in purchasing an amazing tiny whoop, then you should stick with this article. You will find out everything you need about this amazing drone. 


Eachine Trashcan Racing Quadcopter comes inside a very beautiful box along with a very helpful user manual and many other important accessories such as: 4 x 300mAh HV 1 cell batteries that will help you get a great flight time, a PH2.0 bridge that allows 1 cell battery operation, an USB charger, an extra set of propellers, spare screws and a screwdriver and last but not least a very useful carrying case. 

Eachine Trashcan Racing Quadcopter Packaging

This drone has a lot to offer taking into consideration its price and it will help you save good money. Also, the amazing thing about it is that it comes with a carrying case. It will help you transport the drone safe and easy from one place to another. Usually drone’s do not offer a carrying case when you purchase them. 

Design and measurements 

When it comes to the whoops design, we can say that it looks amazing. It is pretty similar to the other models you can find on the market. The small drone measures just 9.7 x 9.7 x 4.5 centimeters. The drone weighs 33 grams without batteries. The small quad is made out of soft plastic with many other reinforcements to offer great protection. On top of the drone, you will find its camera. And on each corner of it, there are its brushless motors and its propellers. 

On the backside of the drone, it has a couple of LED lights that will help you identify it easier when you are flying it in darker areas. The drone comes in 4 different colors that you can choose from, all of them looking very beautiful. 

The Eachine Trashcan’s Camera

The small whoop features a Caddx EOS2 FPV Camera, which offers great quality. It has a 16:9 wide-angle which will offer you a great view if you are using goggles. One thing that you should be aware of before you are going to purchase your goggles is to make sure that they can switch from 4:3 to 16:9. Otherwise, the image will look compressed. 

Eachine Trashcan Racing Quadcopter Camera

Battery and Flight Time

The great thing about this drone is that it comes along with 4 batteries, so your flight time will double up. The batteries that power the drone are 2 1S 3.8V batteries of 300 mAh. Two batteries provide the power to make this drone fly, due to its 2 PST PH2.0 connectors. You can also use one battery at a time. In order to do it, you will have to add another connector that comes along with the drone. 

Due to its 300mAh batteries, the drone will offer you a continuous flight time of around 3 minutes. It is a usual time for tiny whoops. If you are looking for a longer flight experience you should opt-in for purchasing 450mAh batteries. They will offer a flight time of around 4 minutes and a half. 

Flight experience

When it comes to the flight experience offered by the Eachine Trashcan Racing Quadcopter we can say that it is amazing. The drone is way faster and more powerful than many other whoops at a similar price, making it a great deal. 

This tiny whoop is definitely a racing quad, offering a great speed, due to its 0803 15000KV Eachine branded motors. They are very powerful motors that offer the drone not only a lot of speed but makes it very easy to control. If you are interested in replacing one of the drone’s motors you can do it easily. The motors are connected with connectors making them very easy to be replaced in case something goes wrong. 


To sum up, we can say that Eachine Trashcan Racing Quadcopter is an amazing tiny whoop. It has many important and high-quality components and features, offering an amazing experience to its users. Also, by taking into consideration its price and performance this quadcopter is a really impressive one.

If you want to purchase the Eachine Trashcan you can find it at a great price on Banggood or on Aliexpress.

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