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Eachine E58 Pro Quadcopter Review


Eachine E58 Pro Quadcopter Review

The Eachine E58 Pro Quadcopter was released in 2020 after the huge success of the “regular” Eachine E58, which made its debut in 2018. While E58 Pro looks for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from its archetype, it brags a number of enhancements, the greatest one is a move up to 1080P camera from the first’s 720P. 

Coming in at the lower end of the value range for respectable, camera-prepared toy drones, it’s a good competitor for all the cheap drones. Before we start this review, we would like to mention that specs on paper are not everything. Two drones can have the same camera resolution but still have pretty different photos. So after comparing the specs of the drone to the other ones, make sure to find some photos taken with them.


  • Video: 1080P
  • Stills: 2MP
  • Video stabilisation: No
  • App support: Yes
  • VR compatible: Yes
  • Flight time: 7 minutes
  • Flight distance: 80m
  • Weight: 96g (inc. battery)
  • Number of batteries: 2
  • Controller included: Yes

What’s in the box?

Eachine E58 PRO RC Quadcopter


3.7V 500mAh Lipo Battery 

USB Charging Cable

4 x Protection Cover

2 x Spare Blades


User Manual

Design and build 

When you first look at the Eachine E58 Pro you will see some similarities with the DJI Mavic Pro. It has a plastic body which makes it lightweight and not especially sturdy, during testing it ended up being more strong than it initially shows up. Foldable arms reach out to give it a size of 255 x 220 x 50 (mm) which is minimal bigger than most drones in its group. 

The camera position on the E58 can be changed vertically by hand before dispatch, permitting you to decide to shoot what’s in front or beneath the drone. Twin LED lights at the front of the airplane are major assistance in arranging the drone, especially a good way off, while at the back is a back red LED strip that glimmers to caution of a low battery. 

While the first E58 permitted you to record content onto a Micro-SD card placed into the drone’s body just as on an associated telephone, the memory card port has been eliminated on the Pro model. This leaves us with a solitary choice of recording video and pictures on your cell phone through the Eachine application – which to be reasonable, is a big fallback. 


This drone is compatible with 3.7 V 500 mAh batteries. When you order the drone you can choose the quantity of the batteries. Of course, the more you choose, the higher the price will be. But your flight time will also multiply. With one fully charged battery, you will get around 

 8 minutes of flight. This number isn’t much at all, so it’s advised to get multiple batteries. To charge a single battery will take around 90 to 120 minutes.

The batteries are modular batteries, which means that they are protected and safe to handle. You can remove or insert them in the drone in just a few seconds. 

Remote controller 


The remote controller has a minimalist and user-friendly design. There are only 6 buttons on the front, and each of them is enabled with a small icon, which will help you learn faster the purpose of each. The controller also has the basic two joysticks to control the drone and even a phone holder, because the drone has an FPV feature so you can see the live feed of the camera any time as long as you’re connected with the app.

The remote control range is 60 to 80 meters, which guarantees the airplane is consistently in your sight. You will discover catches for every one of the significant capacities. You should purchase the correct batteries for this controller since it doesn’t have an implicit battery-powered battery.


While the EACHINE E58 Pro quadcopter accompanies 1920 by 1080P camera, the nature of your photos and recordings will be very nice regardless. Since this quad doesn’t accompany an SD card slot, you should store the entirety of your recording in your cell phone. Subsequently, you can get an SD card for your cell phone to store your drone film. But as soon as you’ll get at the edge of the maximum distance your footage will get glitchy. Keep that in mind when you record something that is far from you.

This camera has a wide point of view at 120 degrees. You will have a wide FPV see as the drone flies, which makes it more fun and charming. You can likewise change the vertical point of the camera by up to 60°. In any case, there is a slight disadvantage here since you can just change the point physically since you can’t do it from the remote controller. Clearly, at this value, it is difficult to get a gimbal with the camera. Subsequently, the recording will be of a lower quality, however, it will be nice.


Flight features 

The E58 Pro has an ‘altitude hold’ feature which helps stay genuinely in level when there’s no wind outside. However, the drone actually requires little changes while floating as it tends to float from its position – in any event, when flying inside. Maybe then utilizing the control sticks to make amendments, directional ‘trim’ catches on the controller permit you to make miniature changes in accordance with assistance keep the drone set up. 

While moving the drone on a level plane toward any path, the E58 Pro moves with noteworthy speed – even in the slowest of its three propeller settings. The flipside of such fast development is a great deal of energy, which makes it generally delayed to react to alters in the course and harder to control accordingly. 


Being a cheap drone that has a 1080P camera, a controller, and various other helpful highlights, the E58 Pro is a drone that you should really consider getting it. Being one of the harder-to-control toy drones around, we wouldn’t suggest it for more youthful pilots, yet because of the safety features, anyone can easily learn how to fly it. Unfortunately, the battery life is really short, so you won’t be able to use the drone for any serious causes, but it’s a fun drone to have at home. 

You can buy the Eachine E58 Pro Quadcopter at Banggood.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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eachine-e58-pro-quadcopter-review Eachine E58 Pro Quadcopter Review The Eachine E58 Pro Quadcopter was released in 2020 after the huge success of the “regular” Eachine E58, which made its debut in 2018. While E58 Pro looks for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from its archetype, it brags a...


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