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Eachine Wizard X220S Quadcopter Review

Eachine Wizards X220S Quadcopter

Eachine Wizard X220S Quadcopter Review

Eachine brand is a very popular one and it also has a good reputation among the other drone brands on the market. Their Wizard model has been around for a good period of time. Now it comes with an amazing upgraded version, the Eachine Wizard X220S Quadcopter. This drone is an amazing one to have if you are a drone enthusiast. It comes with a very beautiful design, beautifully colored and it can perform an amazing flight due to its high quality components. 

When you are purchasing this quad you can opt in for two packaging options. In case you already have a controller you can choose the package that contains the aircraft only. But, if you also need a controller for it, then you should go with the all in one package in which you will find all you need for flying it. 

Design and Built-in

When you will see the Eachine Wizard X220S Quadcopter for the first time, you will be amazed for sure. It has a similar design and aspect as the popular Wizard X220HV, you will see some really impressive improvements  to its props, rotors and body, which makes it look way more professional. Along to that the drone also has some built-in LED lights. They will help you fly it easily in the night or in darker areas. 

Eachine Wizard X220S Quadcopter

Its main body is made out of high quality carbon fiber, which makes it very resistant to shocks. The carbon fiber also helps the drone reduce its weight. The important thing that makes it so eye-catching is its propellers and its rotor. They come in a beautiful purple color that offers it a joyful look. You can look at this drone from every corner of it and you will see that it is excellent built with close attention to each small detail. 

A great thing about the packaging of this drone is that along with the drone you will also receive 1- pairs of props. So you will not have to worry about spending more money on buying new ones if the ones you already have get broken.

X220S’s Motors and Flight Controller

We previously said that the X220S’s motors are offering it a really impressive look. Along to that we can add on that they are also really powerful and efficient as well. The craft is powered by 2206 2300KV motors. These motors will make the drone a really fast and smooth flight performance. They can work on 3-5S batteries, so you can choose the one that works the best for you. A great improvement for the X220S’s motors is that its motors are placed on a rubber which helps the drone reduce its overall vibrations

When it comes to the X220S’s flight controller we can say that the X220S has a great one. It is an Omnibus F4 V3 which uses a 30 amp 4 in 1 BL HELI S ESC. With such great motors and its flight controller we can agree that this drone is a very powerful one. You can enjoy an amazing freestyle experience and it is also great for drone racing if you are into it. 

Camera Quality

Eachine Wizard X220S uses a 800 TVL camera, which is a purple Eachine branded model. This camera will offer you some very clear pictures and images with vivid colors. The camera is connected to a 25-200-600 mW VTX. It is a decent one, but if you are interested in getting a higher quality and a bigger range you can easily switch it with another more performant antenna. This camera has 72 channels. Along with this camera you will also have a rubber HD camera mount. That you can perfectly use for recording your flights. The FPV experience offered by this drone is really impressive. Especially if you are using a decent pair of FPV goggles.


In conclusion, based on what we saw above, the Eachine Wizard X220S Quadcopter is a really impressive quadcopter. Its design is marvelous, made with a close attention to details. Its joyful appearance makes this drone stand out from its competitors. When it comes to its performance we can say that X220S is a really powerful and easy to control drone. The X220 was also a revolutionary quad, but the X220S is better because it is an improved model of it.

So, if this drone captures your eyes, and you want to put your hand on it, you can find it at a price on Banggood

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