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Eachine H8 3D Mini Quadcopter with inverted flight mode

Eachine H8 3D Mini Quadcopter Review

Eachine H8 3D Mini Quadcopter Review

This Eachine H8 3D Mini is an upgraded version of the world’s cheapest quadcopter the Eachine H8 Mini. The main new feature of this model is the inverted flight mode, which is interesting but also costs. The price of the Eachine H8 3D Mini quadcopter is almost double compared to the older model. To be more attractive, this new Eachine model is available in 3 vivid colors (green, blue, and orange) instead of the boring black of the Eachine H8 3D Mini.

Eachine H8 and Eachine H8 3D Mini are very resistant to crashes, only the propellers broke sometimes but only on bad crashes, so I suggest having spare to replace when breaking. I highly recommend to you these budget drones as your practice machine. These two are really good quadcopters, especially considering the price.
In order to achieve the inverted flight mode, the quadcopter requires a higher capacity battery. The Eachine H8 3D Mini is powered with a 220mAh battery, not just a 150mAh like the one of the previous model.

Eachine H8 3D Mini Quadcopter Features and Specifications:

  • Inverted upside-down flight mode.
  • 3D flips.
  • Headless flight mode.
  • One key return to home (RTH).
  • LED lights.
  • Control range: up to 30 meters.
  • Playtime: about 6-8 minutes.
  • LOW battery protection.
  • Available colors: blue, green, and orange.

Flight experience  

Like the others RTFs on the market H8 3D mini is an amazing one to have, and it will offer you a great time. Flying tinny drones will offer you lots of fun lots of great memories for you and your friends. One of the greatest things that makes this drone special from the others on the market is the inverted flight capability. This means that when you press the flip button of this drone, it will flip only 180 degrees instead of 360 flips like the other regular RTFs on the market.


Talking about its regular flying, this drone has three speeds, low, medium and high, being perfect for every beginner or unexperienced user. if you are a beginner you can start with low rate and as you become better you can switch it to the more advanced ones. This is a great feature to have on a drone, offering a great way of learning to the ones with less experience.

H8 3D Mini has a maximum range of 30 meters which is not that bad, comparing it with other drones at a similar price.

Design and built-in 

Being a micro drone, it might look a little fragile, but from our personal experience, we can say that it is pretty resistant. This drone is very easy to fly around being super fun as well. The first great thing related to the drone’s design is its propeller guards. They do not only make the drone look more interesting, but they also protect its propellers. The tinny drone is very lightweight offering it strong agility. Therefore, you should check the weather before you are flying this drone outdoor. In windy conditions, this drone might be blown away very easily. 

Eachine H8 3D Mini package


Packing represents a very important aspect when it comes to drones. Luckily the Eachine H8 3D Mini comes in a great box with a large number of accessories on the side. When you are going to open the drone’s box for the first time, the first thing you will see is the Mini quadcopter itself. Along with the drone, you will also find its remote controller an USB charging cable and a 220mAh battery. And that is not all, you will also find 2 pcs of spare propellers, a screwdriver, the foam landing pads, and the user’s manual. So, as we can see this drone comes along with a great number of accessories on the side. Having a large number of accessories inside its box will help you save money on parts in the future. 


The Eachine H8 3D Mini Quadcopter is powered by a 220 mAh battery. Even if it seems to be a small battery, it is the standard battery for the mini quadcopters. This battery will offer you a flight time of around 6 minutes on a full charge. Usually, all of the mini drones on the market offer this amount of time. If you are somehow looking for a longer flight experience you can purchase a second battery or a larger one as well. This way, you flight time will double up to 10 minutes or even more. 


In conclusion, based on what we saw above, we can say that the H8 3D Mini is a great mini drone to have. It can be a perfect choice for every beginner who wants to practice his piloting skills on. More than that the drone offers a good amount of flight time, it is well made and very easy to control as well.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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