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Autel Evo vs DJI Mavic Air

Autel Evo vs DJI Mavic Air

Autel Evo vs DJI Mavic Air

There are more and more professional drones that appear on the market as time passes, making it harder to choose which one is the best for you and because of that following comparison reviews might offer you great help in choosing the perfect drone for your needs. In today’s article, we are going to compare two professional drones in order to see how they stack against each other and also to become aware of each of these drone’s strong and weak points. By following the article Autel Evo vs DJI Mavic Air, you can get a better knowledge about the built-in materials and components, information about their camera’s quality, and more other important information that can help you decide on purchasing the right one for you.

So, let’s begin.. 

Design, Built-in, and Cameras

First of all, we would like to start talking about the first thing that captures your attention when you get to see a drone, its design. Although both of the drones come with a very beautiful design, the Mavic Air looks a little more professional and futuristic, while the Autel Evo has a more joyful appearance. Both of the drones are foldable making them very easy to carry around 

The Mavic Air drone is lighter and has a smaller size than the Autel Evo. This is a good thing because it makes it easier to carry it around but also a bad thing when you want to fly it in windy conditions. Being a bigger sized drone, the Autel Evo has a way better stability when it’s windy.

Both of the drones offer important features like GPS modules, optical flow sensors, and also brushless motors, which makes them very easy to control and by their users, also because of the GPS they can perform safety functions and autonomous flights. Also, both of the drones are very resistant to shocks or small accidents being made out of high-quality ABS plastic. 

Talking about their cameras here we can see a difference between these two drones. 

DJI Mavic Air Folded

Camera Differences

The Autel Evo comes  with a CMOS sensor that will help you capture great quality photos in 12MP. It also has an advanced 3-axis gimbal that will help your camera to be stable when you are shooting your photos. The H2 Ambarella chipset is also present here helping you to capture images with HDR support. The videos will be recorded in 4K/2K at 60 frames per second and if you want the videos to be in 120 FPS you will have to use 1080p recording with a speed of 100Mpbs. I

The Mavic Air’s camera is slightly inferior to the Evo’s camera, not being as wide because of its smaller lens and FOV. It can capture 12MP photos and the video recording will be in 4k but with only 30fps or in 2.7k with 60 Fps with 100Mpbs recording speed. Same as the Evo’s camera the Mavic Air’s is also stabilized by a 3-axis gimbal that helps you get still and without distortion photos. 

Both of the cameras are professional ones that you can use for creating impressive advertisements or just to capture your favourite moments with your friends and family, but as we see above the Autel Evo’s camera is slightly better than the Mavic’s camera. 

Autel Evo

Battery and flight time 

The Mavic Air quadcopter comes with a 11.55V Lipo Battery with a capacity of 2375mAh that will offer you a continuous flight time of around 21 minutes while the Autel Evo drone comes with a 11.4V LiPo battery with a capacity of 4300mAh that offer a flight time of around 30 minutes. So we can say that the Autel Evo wins in this aspect. 

The batteries of both of these drones are modular batteries, which makes it very easy to add or remove them and if you are looking for a longer flight experience you can purchase another battery to switch it with the first one when it runs out of power. 

Flight performance

Talking about their flight performance both of them offer a smooth flight even when you are flying them in windy conditions. They are easy to control and due to their optical sensors and GPS modules. 

Also, both of the drones feature important flight functions like most of the other professional drones do such as, Orbit mode, Follow me mode, tap fly, waypoint mode, return home commands and many others in order to help you get an even better and safer flight experience. 

The Mavic has sensors in the front and also in the backside of the drone that will help the drone avoid obstacles that occur during your flight time, while the Evo has only frontal sensors. 


To sum up, as we saw above both of these drones are amazing and very good to use for professional purposes. Both of them offer great features and their cameras are doing a high quality job, but we can say that the Autel Evo is superior overall. 

If you are interested in purchasing the Mavic Air Quadcopter you can find it on Amazon, or if you are looking for the Autel Evo Drone you can find it and Auteldrones or an Amazon as well.

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