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MJX Bugs 20 vs Bugs 12

MJX Bugs 20 vs Bugs 12

MJX Bugs 20 vs Bugs 12

In September, MJX launched two new drone models from the Bugs series called MJX Bugs 20 and MJX Bugs 12. These two new models feature great components and flight functions that will offer a great flight experience, an imposing 4k camera that you can use to capture high-quality videos and photos. They also come at an affordable price, being a perfect choice for beginners and the ones with a little more experience in piloting drones. Following the article, MJX Bugs 20 vs. Bugs 12, you will get to know every small detail about each of these quadcopters to better understand what they are capable of doing and see which one has more to offer. 


Different Designs

A significant factor that should be considered by the future drone user is the drone’s design. Luckily, both of these drones have a really impressive look, but we can say that Bugs 12 has a more futuristic look. In contrast, the Bugs 20 looks a little more professional, being pretty similar to the popular DJI Mavic Mini.

When it comes to their sizes, the two drones are almost similar, but the Bugs 12 is slightly bigger due to its long arms, measuring 440 x 400 x 81mm, while the Bugs 20 measures 380 x 380 x 125mm—both of them weighing a little over 500 grams. 

When it comes to their resistance, both of the drones are great, because they are made out of high quality plastic which not only makes them very resistant but it makes them lighter, so you will not have to worry about the small accidents that will occur while flying these drones because their inside components are well protected.  

Another visible design difference between these two drones is that the Bugs 12’s landing pads are situated at the end of its rotor arms. In contrast, the Bugs 20’s landing pads are placed on its main body, offering better protection to its camera.

Both of the drone’s cameras are situated on the front side of the drones. The difference here is that the Bugs 20’s camera is situated below the drone, featuring a 1-axis gimbal. In contrast, Bugs 12’s drone has a built-in camera with an electronic image stabilization system. 

MJX B12 With Remote

Batteries and flight time 

When it comes to their batteries, both of the drones are featuring the same battery, a 7.6V battery with 3400mAh. Surprisingly the flight time the batteries offer to their drones is different. Flying the Bugs 12, you will get a total flight time of around 24 minutes, while with the Bugs 20, you will get somewhere around 22 minutes. The reason why the Bugs 20 offers a little shorter flight experience is that it features a more powerful motor that will increase its energy consumption a little more. 

But, if you are looking for a longer flight experience, you can consider purchasing a second battery that you can use to replace the first one when it runs out of power. By doing that, your flight time will double, and you enjoy a much longer flight experience. 


The great thing about these two drones is that both of them feature really impressive 4K cameras considering their price. Of course, they are not professional cameras that you can use to create advertising videos, but they offer great video and photo footage with vivid details and excellent quality, perfect for capturing life events, outdoor activities, or group photos. 

What makes Bugs 20 different when it comes to its camera is that it features a 1-axis gimbal, which will help you get still photos and videos without distortion. The Bugs 12 features only an electric image stabilization that still does a great job capturing videos and photos at a decent quality. Both of the drones can record at a resolution of 3840 X 2160 in 30 fps or 1080p in 60 fps. If you want to save the videos and photos, you should use an SD card for the greatest quality, but you can also save them directly on your smartphone at a lower quality. 

Flight Performance and Flight Modes

Based on the customer’s reviews, both of the drones offer an amazingly smooth and easy to control flight experience, which is offered by their high-quality components. When it comes to flight performance, we can say that the Bugs 20 offers a little more than the Bugs 12 because it features a little more powerful motors, which makes it fly faster. The Bugs 20 has motors of 1620 kV while the Bugs 12 motors are 1500kw. 

More than that, the drones feature impressive, intelligent flight modes, which will help you get a better, easier, and more enjoyable flight experience. The intelligent flight modes offered by these drones are tap fly mode, which makes the drone fly by itself at a percentage location chosen by you, Orbit mode, which makes the drone orbit around an object at your choice, creating stunning video content and follow me mode, which is a great mode to have especially if you like outdoor activities. Using this mode, the drone will follow and record an object at your choice, maintaining a decent distance away from it. 


As we saw above both of these drones offer amazing features, components and designs, being a perfect choice for every beginner who is looking for a drone to start his drone pilot experience with, but they might also suit the needs of a more experienced drone user. The cameras are amazing and probability the best you can find at this price range. And taking into consideration both drones pros and cons we can say that they are pretty similar, but the Bugs 20 seems to be a little better. 

So, if you are interested in purchasing one of these amazing drones you can find the Bugs 20 on Banggood, Geekbuying, or on Amazon, and if you are interested in the Bugs 12 drone you can find it on Banggood or on Geekbuying.

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